It's Here!! It's Finally Here!!

8:54 PM

The new Painted Thoughts Studio……

All because of a bad light! The work will be continuing in the background as there is still much to be done. Installing the crown molding, working on the fireplace, window treatments, painting the taboret (which is not in the photos) and recovering the chair, are just a few items still to be done. If you're interested in the old studio, you can click here as I haven't had time to update the photos.

Hope you enjoy and please share your thoughts and comments!

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16 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Way too cool, girl!!!!!!!! Is there space for me to rent out too? I want that big comfy chair, that bookcase, the little ceramic bunny (I especially like his little bunny butt). You have decorated it so nicely, it should be showcase in a magazine! You did good.

  2. Beautiful studio. Great colors and love the wood floors. Where on earth did you get the big paint brush on the wall? So Cool! The colors just give it a bright fresh creative vibe. Job well done!

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  4. The show was wonderfully prepared and presented.
    The studio IS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And more WOW.

  5. Love those colors in your studio. I can just see you at your table or snuggled into your chair noodling. Good job.

  6. You have created a very beautiful place full of beauty and creativity. May you enjoy many, many hours in your new spot.

  7. Very, very, very cool!!! I love it! That cozy little nook with the overstuffed chair and bookcase looks inspiring... And....did I see a flying pig tucked among your treasures? Did you know the Flying Pig was Cincinnati's mascot. It goes way back to the beginning of time when we were called "Porkopolis." Seems pigs ran amuck through the town and it was okay. Kahn's meats got their start here ;-) We have flying pig statues all over the place now...and a Flying Pig Marathon too. (Hopefully I did indeed see a flying pig on your table, otherwise this section was for naught!) :-)

    Thanks for putting the video together!

  8. Krista, thank you, you may have just planted a seed!

    Brenda, I'm hoping that creative vibe shows up in my energy levels and my work!!

    Thank, Teri, I'm totally stoked!

    Thank, Lisa, I've been that chair a lot lately - I really missed it!!

    Thank you, Vicki!

    Yes, Kelly, you saw a flying pig! I used to say "when pigs fly!" Then I saw this little guy and decided I needed to have him to remind me that pigs do fly!!

  9. Loved the peek into the artist's lair! The closet panels look great, and I love the colors you've chosen. I hope you take the time to bask in the beautiful atmosphere you've created for yourself. I also love the animal muses (ceramic and otherwise!). I have two flying pigs in my house, too, and any number of other inspirational critters.

  10. wow, wow, wow... that was beautiful. what a space you have created for yourself. it's warm and cozy and full of beauty to inspire you and your art. and the chandelier... breathtaking!

  11. hi, laure - found you via rrartz! i loved what you had to say about stealing bits of time so i had to get over here to check out your world. beautiful! i love your watercolors and your zest for travel! xo, aimee

  12. Oh how wonderful - I'd move in in a heartbeat. This is worthy of Vogue Interiors etc - you've done a wonderful job.

    Who could fail to make wonderful art in a studio like this! I am trying VERY hard not to be jealous!

  13. Thanks, KJ, bask? No time!!

    Thank you, Randi! The chandelier is what started it all!

    Thanks for visiting, Aimee!

    Ah, Susie, you make me smile, well, grin, actually! Thank you!!

  14. Ah.... so neat to get to take a 'peek' into your creative world. How exciting to have new beginnings in your revamped studio for the new year. I love the chandelier and the big white cabinet ..... I'd love to have one. (someday... when my boys move there stuff out I'll find a wall for a big art cabinet!)

    I wish you much peace, creativity, and energy in your new studio!!

  15. The studio is awesome. I'm loving the bookcase and chair. I would be in sitting there with my laptop a good deal of the time. But then not much would get done. It is warm and cozy and I'm loving the red. One wall in my studio is red and it just cheers me up. Have fun!

  16. Your place is so pretty! It looks very cozy and artistic :) I love it!


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