Two Babies and A Show

9:10 PM

Here is Little Miss Priss. This is the baby portrait that I started a few days back BEFORE I was waylaid by the Twilight Zone and a snake. I probably shouldn't be showing this portrait at this stage as she's really ugly with no eyelashes and hair. A lot of this is direct painting and is not quite right as I have some areas that are off. Rather than trying to correct it, I started over. The jury is out as to whether I will attempt to finish this - flaws and all.

Below is my second attempt on Baby and this is actually more closely related to the way I normally paint than the methods I used above. She still has an alien look and the shadow on her forehead looks more like a bruise. I'm going to put some time in on her tomorrow, and if we're not heading in a direction I like, she'll be seeing the inside of a drawer for a while. I don't find a whole lot of value in continuing to beat a dead horse. Or in this case, a dead portrait.
I have mentioned to some of you in email or on Facebook or in a prior post that I was entering a local show here. I went to a two hour critique today, given by the judge on the pieces in the show. I had two out of three pieces juried into the show. My award, I'm hoping, is to be found in her critique and insight into my work. She had some interesting feedback for me. 

I'm still absorbing all that she had to say (and it was a lot) and then I'll see what bubbles up to the top and will then take those suggestions and experiment with them. Entering and/or judging shows is always a difficult thing in that you're subjected to just one person's opinion. I enter shows with an attitude of "what can I learn?" and I do believe there is something to be learned from each experience.

I see a few more mountains ahead of me, and a couple of sheer rock faces as well, but then I always did like a challenge.

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. will be interesting to see the next stage of the painting...babies look very, very challenging to paint. (Now I'm showing my ignorance in the art show world, but what does it mean to have "two out of three pieces juried?" I assume it means the judge really liked those two pieces and critiqued them??)

  2. Two out of three pieces juried in means that anyone who enters the show can submit up to three pieces. You can also submit two or just one, and you're still going to pay the same entry fee. (There are millions of reasons why a piece might be eliminated.) The judge then reviews each piece to determine what stays and what goes. In this case, there were also space limitations as to how many pieces could hang in the gallery and a lot of pieces were eliminated for that reason.

  3. Congrats on the two pieces in the show!! Woo Hoo!

    I like what you're doing with the baby portrait. Even though you didn't like the first one, you did a wonderful job on his/her skin. Hope you do finish the second one... I think you're being a little hard on yourself. :-)

  4. Laure, I actually love your first attempt of the baby portrait, especially the expressive, trusting, inquiring eyes. But if you’re not happy with it, I’m sure your second painting will be just as delightful and sweet. I’m glad you show your WIPs - it’s nice to see paintings develop.

    How great to get constructive feedback to use, AND to have artwork accepted! Have you been entering your art in shows for a while?

  5. Thanks, Teresa!

    Krista, glad the WIP helps. I really hesitated putting this one up because it's at that super ugly stage most paintings go through (and this one seems to have become stuck in!).

    I've been entering shows since last year. There are several more on the horizon. It's a good way to grow, but it can be somewhat traumatic and it's certainly nerve racking. :•)

  6. I think she has a lot of personality so far and even if she's not a faithful rendition of said baby will make a nice painting anyway. I have never been sole juror at a show but always one of three which is a good thing. Enoguh to get a balanced viewpoint but not too many cooks to spoil the soup! I also enjoy giving feedback -- and getting it!

  7. Congratulations Laure on the show results and in getting detailed feedback! With regards to the twilight zone, I too would freak at a snake in the shower but I do have a dead one in my studio (along with a turtle shell, deer antlers, a chipmunk skull etc.) Most of my students are appreciative of the creative surroundings. Most, not all. LOL. Hey, for the record, I really like how the first portrait was coming along. I enjoy seeing wips!

  8. Thanks for the congrats, Teresa! I wouldn't mind dead snakes in my studio as I have dragonflies, beetles, and the such. A snake in one's shower is a slightly different experience! Test of the mind I suppose.

    Thanks for the feedback on the portrait. I find it fascinating that most people responded to the direct painting rather than to the layers. More food for though.

  9. Thanks for the input on art shows. I will be entering a juried art show in a couple of weeks. I have my works ready. But like you said it is one person's (the judge's) opinion. My work is all graphite so I hope the judge likes and appreaciates graphite work.


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