Take Two!

3:51 PM

Thank you for all of your comments in the prior post on the little girl. You all did a great job and gave me much to think about. Once again, I'm asking you to take a look at this little girl, Sammy Jo, and tell me what you think. Nitpick! I am getting closer to what I want to put into the final painting. Again, does she look "real" as she is fabricated? Does she look like a little girl playing on the beach? What would you change, if anything?

After reading through your earlier comments, I realized that no little girl with the courage to pick up something icky on the beach is going to be caught dead wearing pink (I wouldn't have at that age!) and I also wanted her to be a little older than a toddler but probably not more than five. Hence the change of clothes (she has boys to keep ahead of) and the coloring of her shirt will probably be a bright acid green.

Tell me what you think! And thanks in advance - you all are the best!

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