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I hope everyone has had or is having a fabulous weekend! I am seriously considering taking an online art class this summer. There seems to be quite a few classes out there and I'm hoping to hear from some folks with hands-on experience as to what the classes are or were like. So, I am reaching out to everyone in the blogsphere for info and help on choosing a class. Could you please tell me: 

a) have you taken a class and what was the format (video, pdf, tutorials, etc.)
b) did you like it and why OR did you NOT like it and why
c) would you take another class and what would it be?

I'm hoping you can help and I thank you in advance for your time and input!

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  1. I am coming back to see what people say as I have considered doing this also. If you find a good one maybe we can take it together.

  2. i would also love to do one of these...so looking forward to seeing what you get as comments. welcome to our abc atc group too.

  3. Oh, I admire you--I always stress that I wouldn't have time to do all the work involved, and to do one justice, so I'll be anxious to hear what folks say, too. I do know several people have taken Kate Johnson's classes and say very good things about hers. Good luck--sorry I can't be of much help there.

  4. Hi Lauere
    I have taken a few classes Art/painting classes from various places online and found that every teacher is unique with their approach.

    I have take classes with:

    I am an “audio/visual” learner so I prefer the ones that use these in the teaching system rather than text alone. However, I know people that prefer text or written word with a few images in the text. I suppose it all depends what is the best way for the individual to learn.

    Do I like it or not... well again it all depends on how the class is approached. I have torn hair out and abandon ship on classes that are not suitable for my learning needs.

    Anything is suitable for me except the PDF/Forum. I like to hear the voice of the teacher. It comes across clearer and more personal to me.

    I probably would take another class but can't say what it would be because I don't really know. More than likely again it will with someone I have taken from before and like their method of online teaching.

    If anyone is an audio/visual learner the best thing to do is to research how the class will be taught. If that information is not available to you then I would suggest dropping the tutor and e-mail asking them how the class is approached.

    Sorry if I went on too long.

  5. Thank you all for your comments - there seems to be a lot of interest in these classes. And, Kim, thanks for your view point. It makes perfect sense to see how the class is presented. Depending on your preferred learning style, it may not be appropriate. Thanks for your time in answering the questions!


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