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Blueberries in my Nature Sketchbook
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In my artistic life, serendipity has a lot of presence. What do I mean? I mean I'm open to allowing things to happen that aren't planned for or even expected. Saturday, Chris and I went to lunch and then headed over to another part of town to check out an art show. On our way there, we passed a "u-pick" blueberry farm! By the time we realized what it was we were well past it, nor did we get a look at their sign to see what days and hours they were open.

No problem, we decided that after we left the art show, we would swing back by. As it turned out they had been open on Friday and they were open on Saturday with no further days listed. We decided to turn in. Was it in our plans? No. Were we prepared? No, not really. We went anyway. Well, it's a small world and Chris knew the woman that was running the farm! We had a very nice visit as well as the opportunity to take all the photos I could possibly want! Yippee!

I took a ton of photos, got ant bit (I was wearing sandals) and sunburnt (I was wearing a tank top), and I had a ball! In talking with the nice folks, I found out they would be open again on Tuesday, after the berries had a chance to ripen up again. Guess where I'll be Tuesday morning with my sketchbook and camera? This is serendipity!

The painting above was done in my sketchbook. I started it last night at about 9:30 and things went south. Since I was tired and had a list of other things to do, I stopped and started again this afternoon. For a sketch it's fine, but I'm thinking of doing a finished painting with blueberries in crystal to go with the cherries I've done.

P.S. We bought a pint of fresh berries already picked and brought them home and baked them in a cake -yum!!!


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