Perseverance is so necessary . . . .

8:24 PM

. . . . to be an artist! I've lost count of the times I've drawn and redrawn Miss Sammy Jo. Here is the next to the last version I am now working on. 
I am working from a refined sketch of this sketch tonight. I have changed the context of the main image and have updated her to know fit within this new context. Her eyes still need some adjusting as do some other items, but I thought I'd go ahead and post and see what everyone's take is on this little lady. Thanks for your help!

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Sorry I didn't get a chance to comment on the other draft, but everybody else pretty much said what I was going to anyway.

    This one is really cute! Love the eyes - very expressive. I think you've fixed the problem with the nose and mouth for the most part, but maybe the mouth needs to be a smidge wider and get rid of the two inner "parentheses"on either side of her mouth; I don't think you need those at all - and then with the adjustments you are planning on making, I think you are there! Give yourself a gold star for perseverance!

  2. Hi there Miss Sammy Jo, you are finally here!! It was worth all that work!

    Love the expression.

  3. Oh, wow--I hadn't checked in for a day or so and you've been busy! This is great. I love hearing how it's developed. Good for you--you must "take direction well!" Looks great to me!

  4. I have no advice, but encouragement to say she is coming along beautifully!

  5. Hiya Laure, BT here from the ABC/ATC group. I think she's gorgeous, but then I'm more of a crafter than an artist.

    Just to let you know I shall be posting your 'B' tomorrow. it's on the ABC blog now if you want to peep!

    Loving your blog, just going to browse some more.

  6. wonderful watching your little people coming to life!

  7. Aw, this is so pretty! I love the expression, the hair is lovely.. really good job! :)

  8. I ran on to a quote the other day that reminded me of your nest painting and this post.

    "Like coots making their nest over and over or painting over and over themes that move me. Yet always differently new and newly different."
    Joseph Raphael

  9. Sweet! I've been looking through your latest posts to see these--you really are persistent and you must learn well from instruction, because you seem to have been able to implement many of the suggestions here. Looks great! I'll enjoy watching more.


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