It's Not Only Kids That Make Messes!

9:35 PM

Or maybe "How NOT to Paint A Baby's Portrait" would have been better! There are so many things that did not go right in this that there are too many to list. I'm going to have to paint her again since I've made such a mess. And I am so glad her mother will never see this. Gaaaaaa!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. It sure doesn't look a mess to me! It's charming and wonderful to me! You're way too hard on yourself, Laure! Beautiful. You captured her curiosity in her face.

  2. What about all the things that DID go right? Of course I don't know the child so I have no idea if this is an accurate likeness, but just on its own the painting is very expressive and believable. And so many different colors just in her face without the paint becoming muddy. Don't be so hard on yourself! (even though I understand completely)

  3. You did a beautiful job Laure.
    And I think Teresa is right. You are being hard on yourself.

    I never attempted painting babies or children. They are so young and their facial features are not yet developed or even well defined. That is what makes them such a challenge to paint.

    I think you are doing great! And your definition is there with the light and shadow.

    Look forward to seeing the next one.

  4. can see what went wrong, but I only see the face of a sweet, innocent toddler! (In this case, my ignorance is bliss...) :-)

  5. I thank you all for your very kind comments. And yes, I am hard on myself and will continue to be so. If you have a skill or talent that allows you to achieve a certain level then YOU know when you've missed even if others don't see it.

    And I missed! There are places where the paper tore. There are places that are muddy that do not show in this small portrait but they are there none the less.

    With that said, there are also things that went right. I just simply know that I can (and will) do better. Thanks again to all of you - you're the BEST! :•)

  6. It looks pretty good to me! I don't do watercolor but it looks great! If the paper tore I can see where you would want to do it over! Looking forward to seeing the second attempt!

  7. But most importantly, today is another day, with a fresh approach and outlook...

    I know what you mean when you are frustrated with your own results because you know what to expect of yourself. I personally ADORE this baby's face, but then again, I don't know what you went through to get there and how you would have liked it to turn out instead.

    Can't wait to see how you're going to do it again. Bet it will be fantastic.

  8. Hi Laure,
    Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog. You know, I'm really enjoying the class, but I think my heart is still set on watercolor.

    I love this sweet portrait, but I know just what you mean--it is worth the extra effort to produce a piece you know is your best work. But then I'm a little intense, myself ; ). I look forward to seeing your finished portrait--I know it will be beautiful!

    If you ever decide to do a workshop, please let me know---I want to be just like you when I grow up : ).

  9. Thanks, Kathy! I think the intensity goes hand in hand with the artist gene. Kind of hard to escape it. As to being just like me when you grow up - all I kind say is be careful what you wish for!! :•)

  10. Love that stray lock of hair!


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