Plan to Fail?

11:05 AM

Strathmore Aquarius II 80lb*
Before Ink
4" x 5"
Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with a friend in a garden. The University of South Florida's Botanical Gardens to be exact. The day was already warm when we arrived and it was on its way to getting down right hot by the time we left.

We arrived after 10 and by the time we'd walked and talked and photographed the various things that captured our eye, it was lunch time. And we hadn't brought any lunch.

As we strolled around, we noticed a great deal of seating, though it never seemed to be in quite the right location nor did it look all that marvelous for sitting on. We've had buckets of rain in the last week and most all the seating was wood—wet and green.

So far we have a very hot day, we've arrived late, we didn't take any lunch with us and we didn't take our stools for sitting where we could sketch and draw where we wanted to...would you say we planned to fail if we went to sketch? I would. We failed to plan.

Watercolor and Ink
Strathmore Aquarius II 80lb*
 4" x 5"

We didn't take into consideration the need for seats, that it would take two hours to wander around and that we might get hungry nor did we consider that we would take all of time photographing but none for sketching. But that's what happened.

To be fair, I concede that I did go with the intent to photograph flowers for the Imaginary Visit to the Garden eClass that starts in a week. However, sketching on location still takes pre-planning and more than a bit of determination. Getting there with your supplies is only half the battle. You still have to get them out and USE them.

This sketch is of some plants I bought while we were at the gardens. I did it last night. Since I was dog tired by the time I arrived home this is not my best effort. I will have to revisit and try for a better sketch. Regardless of the quality of the sketch, it captures the day. With a few details about the day, I'll have a good journal page.

After thinking over the day, I realized that even though I failed to plan, it was still a day well spent. Next time though, I'll plan to succeed with my sketching too!

*To those of you who have read my prior post about being a journal 'ho, the use of this paper was a deliberate choice as it is a new paper for me. It is Strathmore Aquarius II 80 lb. watercolor paper. I will continue to experiment with it and then post on the paper later.

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