An Interview Over At A Whole Latte Life!

7:56 AM

I am delighted to share an interview with all of you that I did with Joanne DeMaio over at Whole Latte Life! In the interview series, "Coffee With," Joanne chats with folks who live their life's passions.

It was a great deal of fun to do the interview and to give thought to why I do what I do.

Simply said, I love what I do, I love to share and I love being a part of the process of growth and change, whether mine or someone else's. So hop on over to Joanne's blog and check it out!

Thanks, Joanne, for this fabulous opportunity!

BTW, for anyone who doesn't know me well, I normally drink coffee with cream and sweetener. The drink above is tea. When I painted this, it was a cold blustery day and I needed something to WARM me up. Tea did the trick!

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19 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Great interview! I especially liked this quote: "The best thing to do with watercolors is to partner with them rather than try to master them. Watercolors will always delight with some unexpected sparkle if we allow them the freedom to do so!" I think one reason I like watercolor above other media is that I'm forced to let go of my control freak tendencies a little bit!

  2. Hi Laure, I'm so happy to be hosting you today. You're bringing a great splash of color to our Spring day and inspiring us to see the world through the lens of creativity. Thanks for sharing, we'll have a great day there :)

  3. It was nice read about your painting at Whole Latte Life. I love that Paris cafe picture. So cool how you get to travel with your paint palette!

  4. Tea does the trick every time for me but then I'm British!

    Off to take a look - your fame is spreading. x

  5. I'm thrilled to hear about your interview over at Whole Latte Life. It is one of my favorite inspirational sites. Like Kathy J., I was drawn to your quote that she mentioned. I'm glad to see you sharing your enthusiam and creativity with a wider audience!!

  6. Thanks, KJ!

    My pleasure, Joanne!

    Hi, Mare! I LOVE traveling with my palette—it opens my eyes to seeing what's really there!

    Tea does hit the spot, Gillian. Thanks!

    Thank you, Claire! I do believe your blog is how Joanne found me, so thank you again!

    Thank you, Holly!

  7. I've just come from reading your interview. It was great. I learn something new from you everytime I come here or read something you have written. Nice to know that you have had a love/hate relationship with watercolors over the years, but they drew you back.. and you are so good with them. It gives others hope they can 'partner' with them and dont have to master them to enjoy working with them. :)

  8., Laure! I'll head over to read the interview!

  9. I also loved the quote about partnering with the watercolors. And I appreciated your advice about making a commitment to the dream and then allowing that commitment to guide every choice we make.

  10. Still have to go listen to the interview but must say you got the ceramic feel down in this mug!

  11. Loved the interview at Joanne's, and I'm looking forward to the class. In your interview, I most identified with this sentence: "I either tried to put every last detail on the page or I would get so overwhelmed that I would come home with a blank page." I can relate to that.

    Can't wait for class to start!

  12. Oh, Cris, we've had some epic, colossal fights! Watercolors are not for the faint of heart!

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Hi, Angie, it takes many, many steps to reach those dreams and there are many detours along the way. If we're clear on our dream, the decisions are a little easier to make.

    Thanks, Timaree!

    Hey, Linda, welcome! I did that for YEARS before it dawned on me, I was going to have to have a system by which I could create something on the page that made me happy. And it's doable.

  13. I also like both tea and coffee to warm me. I need to coffee in the morning, a sort of comfort drink, and tea in the afternoon. Enjoyed your interview at Joanne's!

  14. I love Joanne's blog and I'm so happy she interviewed you! (Wonderful interview, btw) Just looking around your blog, I feel connection. :)
    My Blog

  15. Such a charming painting! Off to read the interview.

  16. Hi, Mary! I too am a coffee and tea drinker. Mostly coffee, but tea works when it's cold out!

    Hi, Catherine, thank you! Connection is an excellent thing!

    Thanks, Jacqueline!


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