Mainlinin' Caffeine

12:12 PM

Watercolor and Noodler's
Lexington Gray Ink
3.5 x 8.5 inches in
Handbook Watercolor
I like to sleep, so when my mind decides, against my will, that it doesn't want to....well, let's just say I find the whole situation unnecessary and nothing short of annoying!

Woke up at a little past 3 AM on Monday morning. WIDE AWAKE. It was like someone flipped a switch. My mind was awake and that was all there was to it.

Finally got up a little after 4:00. Did some stuff on the computer, did some reading.

My mind was NOT slowing down.

Thought about going into the studio, but it's across from our bedroom and I was afraid I would disturb Chris. Back to the computer for a while.

About six, I gave it another go. I managed to cat nap off and on until around 7:30—gaaaaaaaaa!

Nothing like having a full day to slog through when you would like nothing more than to curl up and catch some more shut eye.

This sketch was my attempt at humor about something I didn't find funny at all! In my exhaustion and hurry yesterday, I misspelled mainlining and had to correct and shorten the spelling. Misspelled caffeine and didn't even realize it. However, it's not fixable so I'm leaving it.

It's kinda funny now.

It wasn't yesterday.

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I hate to be the one to break it to you dear... but you're just getting started. Those hormones are wicked little devils... particularly when The Big M is looming on the horizon.

    But... the good news is... you're not alone. There are plenty of us out there. Up at 3am. Tossing and turning at 1am and wishing the morning would hurry up and get here... and wondering what ever happened to a good night's sleep... while the husband.. how dare he.... SNORES!!

  2. As Dale Carnagie said " don't worry about not sleeping just get up and do something useful" or something like that. At my, ahem, aage this happens often. I have learned to ignore it and go on. Even though it irratates me to no end. Your sketch is great.

  3. Boy, I've been there! And I don't drink coffe to help out, either. I almost always wake up around 3-3:30am and usually I can go back to sleep. What's up with that? Do we need less sleep as we age?
    Cute sketch.

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one going thru this. It is so frustrating too. I love the drawing and the misspelling is perfect.. it goes with the story. :)) See we are so easy. lol

  5. Yes, let me jump in that crowd of 'been there, done that' too. And it is dam annoying but I get a lot of reading done that way so it is not a total loss.

    I have to remember this streamlining coffee (very clever) cuz I will need it next week when we hit the long road back to Wisconsin.

  6. Today I felt like I needed that caffeine IV, too. I didn't get enough sleep last night (and lookee here, I'm on the computer at 10:33 p.m.) and everything seemed to move in slow motion. Hope you get a little more sleep tonight...

  7. crack me up. I have those nights too...yikes, I had better knock wood so tonight isn't one of them! :-)

  8. great imaginative sketch Laure. Yes restless nights come aplenty over the years. How nice it would be to lay our heads in a comfy pillow and sleep right through till the alarm goes off. Someone mentioned do we need less sleep as we get older, and I believe it's so.... Just keep on painting :)

  9. T, I tend to think of this as hateful little bastards rather than wicked little devils. Especially since I was still up at 2:00 AM this morning!

    Lisa, I think Dale has the straight of it—might as well be useful!

    Katie, I don't know if we less sleep or not. It does seem to be a bit of a trend.

    Teri, safe travels on the road to Wisconsin!

    KJ, I'm mainlinin' again today. Another rough one.

    Hope you slept well, Kelly!

    Carole, I used to be able to sleep the night away, no problem. Used to drive my husband crazy. Now it's the other way around. So, yeah, guess I'll just keep painting!

  10. Well, after getting up at 1:30 a.m. to walk around the house for a while because I couldn't sleep yet again, I find this really appropriate. I usually drink coffee each morning but could have used it yesterday afternoon. I don't dare or I know I'll have another night of no sleep but it's 50/50 anyhow.

    I love your painting of such an annoying thing. It's very creative and sure hits the bull's eye. The misspelling is so appropriate for this page.

  11. Honestly! When I can't sleep at 3 in morning, I might as well get up and do something. Next I am going to try painting with coffee. I'll keep you informed on that one!

  12. I love this IV of coffee! Sounds like me, when I am making potsful at 9pm some nights!!!


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