Wash Day.....

10:55 AM

Watercolor and Noodler's Ink
3.5 x 8.25 Inches
Handbook Watercolor
Need I say more?

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19 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Ha Ha! Only you could make doing laundry fun! Great perspective on wash day.

  2. So, a little behind on your laundry, are you? LOL! I agree with Jacqueline - only you could make doing laundry fun. Cute page!

  3. And I meant to ask - how do you like the noodler's ink? Are you finding it to be waterproof on the papers you've used it on?

  4. I so relate.. wonderful Laure,You make life fun, Diana

  5. You've cheered me enough that I might finish that task!
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  6. Hmmm, something seems to be in my message that I was not aware of as I DO NOT enjoy doing laundry and finding nothing fun about it!

    Jacqueline, I'm glad you find this fun! It's a bit too close to the truth for my liking!

    Understatement, Cheryl. I am BURIED! Hmmm, jury is still out on the Noodler's. There will be a post on it sometime soon. Let's just say that so far I am not impressed.

    Sorry to that, KJ!! At least it's nice to know I have company!

    Thanks, Diana, I think many of us relate as laundry is just.......relentless!

    Thanks, Judy!

    After you complete yours, Catherine, will you please come and do mine?!!

  7. Too funny...unless you are doing it. :) Its never ending that laundry. I love your sketch about it tho. Where is that muse of yours? She should be doing it so you can create!! :)

  8. This made me giggle. A nice way to look at your laundry. Did you paint this while the dryer was running? Cute.

  9. Hahahaha! Are you creating a humor sketchbook?

  10. Yes, Cris, I'm doing it. Sam doesn't do laundry. She'd just tell me to hire someone—she has far better things to do with her time!

    No, Lisa, I had just come in from dumping another load in and thought about putting it into the sketchbook so I'd remember what I do with my time!

    No, no humor sketchbook, Kelly, just trying to make this particular task a bit more fun—cuz it ain't!!

  11. That's a lotta wash! Very cute painting.

  12. Ah.... definitely some Power of Positive Thinking going on here!! Your Washday looks so much more interesting, colorful, and lighthearted than mine.

  13. Oh yes - after a long holiday weekend I think the laundry is mountainous in many homes over here too.
    I do like the way this long format encourages the cropping of the composition - there's something quite dynamic about this piece. x

  14. Love your recent paintings.....how did you sneak a peek at my laundry room????

  15. I only have two more loads to go tonight in between working at the drawing board of course! LOL

  16. Oh my, this reminds me I need to catch up on laundry now that I am home. A migraine derailed me for the past few days but I really need to get started catching up now and laundry is rather at the top of my list of chores. Painting my assignments is tops but it's not on the list since it isn't a chore, lol.

    I love your rhyme to go with it. Great spread!


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