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9:08 AM

Il Posto Café
Watercolor and Ink
Arches Paper
3.5 x 8.5 inches
I am finally making my way back around to the New Orleans sketches....this little café was just down the street from the house we rented during our NOLA stay, and it's where we ate our first meal upon arrival. Getting to our rented home was a bit of an adventure and by the time we finally found it, it was lunchtime!

The building is in an old house and sits in a residential area sprinkled with a few other businesses like a dry cleaners, steak house and such, but still considered as "off the beaten path." The menu was full of anti pasta plates, sandwiches, subs, soups, salads and desserts. Old, uneven wood floors, mismatched furniture, original windows, the place had a unique charm all its own.

KJ had a panini and I had tomato basil soup with freschetta—yum!! Not the usual food associated with New Orleans, but good stuff all the same. From there, we navigated (walked) our way to Zara's Lil' Giant Supermarket to stock up on coffee and breakfast supplies. Not much bigger than a convenience store, the store had everything we needed. They even had the old fashion conveyor belt checkout counters that I remember from my youth!

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