It's That Time Of Year. Again.

5:49 AM

Garden Gloves
Watercolor and Ink
3.5 x 8.5 inches
Handbook Watercolor
Yep. Time to rake the yard, trim the hedge, yank up vines, remove weeds and generally, subdue our jungle. It needed it before we had a huge storm front move through last Thursday, but it really needed it afterwards. We have two huge maple trees in our front yard and they produce the meanest little spikey balls you've ever seen. DO NOT try to walk through our front yard barefooted. You will be sorry. Very sorry. (Ask me how I know!)

And so, blisters, sore muscles and all, we spent a good deal of time outside communing with nature (or cleaning up nature's sh...stuff, as Chris says) over the weekend. Time well spent (for me). There's nothing quite so therapeutic as getting your hands in the dirt, smelling the fresh air, clearing out the mental cobwebs, pulling weeds that made the mistake of growing in the wrong place and feeling the accomplishment of a job well done, even if we're not finished.

I'm going to have to get some new gloves though. These had a blow out and when I came in, my finger was black as......well, dirt, and somehow, I don't think that would look all that great on a video. They've been good ones and I love the color. They're easy to find whenever I make the mistake of taking them off and forgetting where I've left them. Which is often.

I have recently begun to feel a pull towards capturing some of the odd bits from my days as they are flying past. I've never really felt the need or the pull to do this before. I guess too many conversations starting with "when did ____________ happen?" being answered with, "I dunno....a month ago maybe" has had an effect on me. We can't remember sh...stuff, anymore.

I've realized I am a bit of a journal 'ho. I'm not faithful to any one journal for more than a few pages before I'm off to another. Sometimes, it's a paper thing. Other times, it's a size thing. But it's not very conducive for creating a day-to-day or even week-to-week type of journal. I'm going to give using just one journal—start to finish—a go. Wish me luck as I seriously doubt it's gonna work. I'm too fickle.

Meanwhile, I leave you with an image of someone who knows how to take it easy in the hottest part of the day....

Isn't he a cutie pie?!!!

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