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6:39 AM

I wrote about a new friend I had "met" recently and how it seemed we had known each other forever. Well, that hasn't changed. We can walk into Panera's (our meeting place) and make 3 hours (or more) disappear just like that - poof!! KJ is a freelance writer among other things and she decided (with a little help from her new friend) that she ought to start a blog. "Wonderful idea!" I said.

I'd like to introduce you to KJ, also known as Kathy Johnson, and Catching Happiness! Kathy's a budding artist and a really fun person to spend time with. Her outlook on life is uplifting and I enjoy her company immensely - I'm sure you will to! Please do stop by, check out the blog, leave her a comment and welcome her to the blogosphere!

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Very nice of you, Laure--I enjoyed her blog, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. I tried!

    I was going to say that I do think they're not considering the fact that female authors, in years past, even had to use pseudonyms (male name pseudonyms!) to write and publish in the first place--take George Eliot, for example. hmmmmmm...

  2. Thanks so much for the intro, Laure! You've definitely spurred me on to this new project. (And Laure is VERY fun to be with. I wish you could all meet her in person.)

    And Sue, I'm sorry the comments didn't work for you--I've fixed the problem (I think), and welcome any comments you may have. Hope to see you there again!

  3. ...I'll drop by and visit KJ! Thanks for introducing her!

  4. How fun! Isn't it great when you can meet up with an online friend? And even better when you share common interests...

  5. Thanks for the pointer Laure - it sounds like another interesting blog to tune into. Happy thoughts are always nice to share!!


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