What Does "Studio" Mean To You? Part II

10:19 PM

Two years ago, when we visited the Artist's Loop just outside of Gatlinburg, we stumbled upon a gallery called "In the Wild." When we walked in, I could almost feel my blood begin to fizz and hum and fill with energy–the walls were a brilliant shade of green, not quit lime but close. The store owner, Doreen, and her daughter, were the artists of all the fabulous artwork. Black bears with magenta and electric blue in their coats and poppies of every possible shade–all of them brilliant in tone! Raku pottery, altered books, handmade jewelry! Art quilts that would just make one fall in LOVE. Instantly and irrevocably. And I did! With all that magnificent color!!!!


On the long ride home and in the weeks that followed, I talked myself out of painting my studio any of those rich, luscious colors. After all, being a watercolor artist I was very concerned what those colors would do to my art as I knew color that BRIGHT was going to reflect LOTS of color around the room. In addition to that, I could not imagine the hassle of dragging everything out of the studio to paint–no matter how bad or how deep it was getting in there! And what about my sanctuary? What would happen to the peaceful, calming, soothing, environment in there?

Fast forward to last month. While we were in Gatlinburg, we went by to see Doreen and those rich, fabulously luscious walls and vibrant artwork and art quilts. I visited the gallery twice, the first time just to see if the reaction would be the same–the quickening of my blood, the hum of energy in my mind, and sure enough, there it was! I could just feel this surge of creativity bubbling up and wanting to explode onto paper! It was an awesome feeling! As Doreen had customers, we wondered away to visit other shops. On our return, the gallery was empty and we went in to speak with Doreen. The hum and fizz returned–even stronger than before!

And you know, if it hadn't been for that blinking light in my studio, this never would have gone anywhere at all. But the light was blinking. And needed to be replaced. And we went to every Home Depot and Lowes and hardware and flooring and lighting store in the county. And they had paint departments. With luscious green paint. And lots of other rich, luscious colors just calling my name! Begging to be looked at, to be chosen.

And this time I decided to go with my longings for a bright, energetic environment in the studio.

But, what color(s), I wondered…………

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Very interesting "studio thoughts". I think we will be seeing new energy in your work.

  2. Hmmm... what wonderful color will she choose? I'm all for colorful workspaces. My office is painted lavender, and my furniture is a light green ("Green Tea")and warm brown wood. I hope you'll share pictures when you get it all done!

  3. OMG, it is against everything I have been taught. I love it. Just remember. It is only paint and you can always change your mind if you don't like it. Go for it. WA YOOO! If you were just a little bit closer I would be over there helping you with my house painters brushes and rollers.

  4. ...those are definitely fun colors--and bright--and energetic! I can't wait to see your new rooms.

  5. Ooh, tough call - the artist white gallery walls versus inspirational colors in which to paint in. I say.. GO FOR THE COLORS!!!! Just add more lighting :)


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