Studio Transformation: Part I - Paint Chips Lie

10:50 AM

It has begun! Well, actually it began two weeks ago with replacing the light. The painting began this past weekend. One wall is painted. Unfortunately, no matter what angle I took the photo from, this was as good of a photo (of the wall color) as I could get. The color is much deeper and richer and not nearly so pink. Nor is it rose. Once the sun comes out, I'll try again. Probably Friday as we're expecting rain for the next two days.

Below the wall, you can see the flooring choices I am currently entertaining. The two dark woods are hard to tell apart, but Number 3 is actually bamboo stained to an "expresso" color. Number 2 is "Sangria" oak that is lighter with more wood grain showing and plays well off from the reds and pinks in the wall color (which may change. Eventually.). Last but not least is Number 1, a Natural Red Oak - finally, a regular name! It too plays well with the reds and pinks in the wall color.  The trim is going to be painted white to unify the room somewhat. Which one would you choose?????

In the second image, we see the test wall. Again, with photography being a challenge, this wall has six different colors of green on it. Along with cast shadows. Four of the six colors are store made. The last two are Laure made. I have not made a decision on which one to go with, but I have narrowed down the field - Numbers 1, 4 and 6 are out. Most likely 5 is out too. That leaves 2 and 3. Both Laure made colors. Go figure.

Once I narrow it down to the winner, I'll take my sample board back to the paint store and have them scan it and make the new color up. Whichever color I decide on, it will be called "Sass!" Because man, it is very sassy and the color practically vibrants off that red/pink wall! LOVIN' IT!! (You can see the edge of the "Bookcase of Knowledge" on the right edge of the photo. You can also see the green reflections on the white! (eeeeeek!!) This is what concerns me. Whether or not I can handle that reflected color. More about that later.)

This will be the last update for a while on the studio as the focus will now switch to Chris' studio to get the new floor installed in there. I asked over the weekend if he would mind if I posted images of the new floor. His reply was that we should post before and after shots. Except we had already pulled the majority of his studio apart and taken the carpet out. Guess that means yes, I can post images of his new floor. So, we'll have some "after photos" anyway!

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Your title cracked me up. Actually, this entire post was amusing - the Bookcase of Knowledge, the "Sass" Laure made color.... It's obvious you are really having fun with this!

    I like the lighter floor myself. Tough call on 2 or 3. Perhaps 2. Cool that both you and your husband are getting your studios done at the same time!

  2. All I can say is I love your wall colors. They are all sassy. I would go with the lighter floor. It won't show dust and debris as easily as the dark floor. Dark floors make me think of dark holes.

  3. Ooooh, it's going to be fabulous, whatever you choose! Can't wait for you! Enjoy!

  4. ....I like the idea of the darker floor. I've been thinking about stripping our floors and staining them dark....or at least a pecan or dark cherry. If I went dark, it would probably be the second sample. I love them all.....I have several of those shades of green in my house! I can't wait to see what you pick!

  5. Ummmm..... you sure are brave!

    Not sure I could relax with those colors.. but perhaps being relaxed is a negative and I might be better off with somethings that zings?


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