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10:21 AM

I've recently been having a problem with my light/fan combo in my studio. A few months ago, Chris came into to talk to me while I was in the studio and I asked him to turn off the overhead light. When he flipped the switch it threw an arc, shocked him and blew the bulb. Or so we thought. The light went out and would not come back on.

We replaced the bulb - no go, wouldn't work. And then it came on. Then off. Drats. Suddenly the bulb came back on. Then off again. Then it was on most of the time. Occasionally, it would blink on and off of its own free will in the most haphazard, irritating way possible. This is not desirable in an electric device. At least not at my house. So we started to replace one thing and then another trying to isolate the problem. Still hadn't found it and I'd began to get a bit concerned about a wiring short causing a fire. We decide to replace the light/fan combo all together. We went "looking" shopping, not "shopping" shopping.

When we left the house, I was thinking track lighting. After all this is a studio, right? There is now a bendable track lighting that you can bend around a room in whatever configuration you want - perfect! I thought. We looked and discussed the pros and cons of more than a dozen light set ups. We looked at light/fan combos, we looked at spot lights, can lights, and just about everything else you can imagine. Everything seem to have more cons than pros. Since the studio has become a video production studio in addition to being a painting studio, I was looking for something that would be useful in both scenarios. I couldn't find it.

Finally, Chris said, "Since what we had in mind is not working, you might as well get what you want." It was as if a chain dropped. I knew what I wanted. Immediately. Instantly. And it's nothing like me! Really. I don't do glitz. Or glam. Or bling-y. I don't do plaids, or pleats, or ruffles or frilly or fru-fru or cutesy or, or, or……or so I thought. Ummm, what happened? I've no idea. Dunno. Really. (Perhaps Sam, my alter ego, could explain it if she wasn't over there on the couch laughing herself silly. At what, I don't know and I don't think I want to know!) What I can tell you is that "this" is now hanging in the studio……

And (Sam and) I love it!! It makes (us) me smile every time (we) I see it or (we) I turn the switch on!  I think what appealed to (us) me most is the fact that the frame is rusty and that gets to (us) me on so many levels that it's impossible to describe! I love rust, just adore it, and I especially love rust in unusual combinations––so add some bling to it and I'm all over it. Really.

I'm sure adding/using chandeliers is now "just so last year" in the decorating/designing world and that's okay as I really don't much care. I'd much rather have something that makes (us) me smile and makes (us) me happy then to be up with the current fashions. There are also some other changes underway in both my studio and Chris'. I'll be sharing more about those as the week goes on. Let me just say that Sam's been busy. Very busy. Meanwhile, I think I need to go have a chat with my alter ego and find out what else she's up to……sneaky little wench! "Oh, Sammmmmm……"

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I'm reading this as I'm enjoying my breakfast. Nice to spend the time checking in with you. I am so glad that you got what YOU wanted! I love the fixture. Is it an antique? sounds like it might be with your description of the rust. In any case it is very interesting. Also, I have one of those buggy lights as well... my dining room chandelier burned through 3 new bulbs before deciding that it likes the latest one. Very picky fixture! Maybe someday I'll have to replace it too!!

    Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE the light! It's beautiful. Guess good things happen when you listen to what you really want!

  3. Love the light. I too am upgrading my studio lighting but I wouldn't have thought this was an alternative. You win on the creativity scale.

  4. Thanks, all!

    Pat, It really isn't, but I have three combo lamps over my work table that are fluorescent/incandescent that are the main workhorses. Otherwise this wouldn't be possible!

  5. ...there is nothing better than crystal sometimes! I love your new chandelier. I'm trying to figure out something for my dining room. I've never done crystal either, but I've seen a few that look so pretty. I think you're a studio trend-setter.

  6. It is a beautiful light and so interesting how it all turned out fir the best.

  7. Your blog entry made me smile too and if it makes you smile it was a great choice.

  8. OMGosh I LOVE this chandelier!!! Who cares if its not in style. I would hang it in a heart beat and love it for ever. :))Smart Sam, keep listening to her!! Loved this post. :))

  9. Thanks, everyone! It's fun, a bit funky, and certainly different for me!

    And, Cris, you gotta quit calling her "Smart Sam" - I'll never hear the end of it! ;•)

  10. Fur sure it is the right light for you. I bet it glows with enthusiasm and makes your muse full of light.

  11. Methinks you (and Sam) are still in Paris, or wishing you were, judging by the choice of your lamp. Very glitzy, glamorous. I bet you feel pretty girly and fabulous when you're in your studio now that you have such a chic chandelier! Bring on the muse!

  12. Thanks, Lisa and Krista!

    Krista, too funny!!!!! That's the best explanation I've heard yet!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!


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