You Never Know What You'll Find . . . . .

12:53 PM

. . . .when you leave my husband and food alone together!

My husband loves to play with his food. Or yours, if you'll let him. On occasion, a waiter or waitress has recognized us after Chris has left a "food sculpture" from our meal. Like the crab made from a bun and broken bamboo skewers from our grilled shrimp for legs with olive rings for eyes.

So it came as no surprise when I opened my leftover salad from Chili's to find a "face" looking back at me! Made from croutons and a french fries.

What a guy, right?!

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You are married to someone very creative. Never a dull moment no doubt.

  2. Absolutely LOVE IT! That's totally something my husband would do. I bet our husbands might have been separated at birth.

    Actually, our thing is to hurry up, take the first bite out of something, re-wrap it (i.e. sandwich, burger), and the victim feigns indignation or confusion at the way the restaurant prepared such a meal, while the perp feigns complete innocence when asked about it. It's amazing we've kept this game up for 15 years.

    We've also hid the same object around the house for 15 years. It makes a spooky noise when exposed to light, so when we find it, we re-hide it for the other person to follow. Our son now joins us in that game. Sometimes it goes missing for months before scaring someone.

  3. Hilarious! I bet it made you smile when you opened it. What a fun guy!

  4. hahaaa! Hey--somebody had to do it!


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