Daily Practice and Kindred Spirits

5:50 PM

I'm sure you've met someone in your lifetime that you've sat down with and talked with them like you've known them forever. Laughing, connecting, discussing subjects that you usually don't talk about unless you've known someone for years. You're different from each other and yet, oddly the same. You wonder how you could be so comfortable with someone after only knowing them for 7 emails and 3 1/2 hours of talking face-to-face and yet, you are.

I have recently met KJ for the first time, and she used the term kindred spirits and that's it! We seem to be kindred spirits on levels not usually touched until after years of friendship construction. It is a liberating feeling to be able to speak candidly, openly and receive intelligent, insightful and thoughtful replies with regard to these deep subjects. What a wonderful blessing!

Too, I think this blessing (in part) is a byproduct of my lifestyle change. My lifestyle in Corporate America made it difficult to find or make the time to grow friendships outside of work. I worked an hour away from home and was gone much of the time. I also traveled a fair bit. Now, I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate a lunch date with a friend. It still means working later to get done the work that I missed while out playing, but it's so worth it.

I don't have this working-for-yourself thing completely figured out, but I'm beginning to think that some of the perks, like friendships with folks like KJ, are pretty cool! The little bird up top is another warm up piece for acclimating myself back to the studio. He actually sits next to the little green bluebird cutie from a few posts ago. I think maybe I should have called this post “birds-of-a-feather!!”

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