Daily Practice - Green Bluebird

8:47 PM

Three weeks ago, Himself found this adorable little green bluebird for me in a second-hand shop. In the madness that followed shortly thereafter, I totally forgot about my little guy. Today has been such a good day. Life is so good! I got out for a three mile walk/jog today - beautiful, clear, manganese blue skies with nary a cloud to be seen; sweet, cool, gentle breezes to caress and carry me along; bird song; the circling flight path of an Osprey over the lake; Mallards lazily gliding by on still waters; a Downy tapping out his song before taking off in startled flight…twas a most excellent morning.

This afternoon, I decided it was time to bring order to the chaos otherwise known as my studio. No small feat this will be and it will take more than an afternoon, but in my cleaning I did re-discover this lovely little bird waiting ever so patiently for my return. When evening came I sat down and let my brush tickle over his form and feathers. I don't quite have the right of him, but he seemed not to mind. He knows I won't be able to resist another try. Soon. Very soon. For now he is content to be perched in a flower arrangement  singing out the last few notes of summer…

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