It has finally cooled off - and it's wonderful!!

9:37 PM

Oh, my, it is so nice outside right now! Please remember this is Florida and to get temps in the 60's in September is highly unusual! But we were in the 60's this morning, the humidity has dropped and it only climbed to the low 80's today - absolute heaven!

My apologies for the lack of posts here lately - I am still trying to sort myself out after the computer crash. It's getting better day by day. Finding lost files, reconnecting to lost info, etc. It amazes me as well as scares me how dependent I am on a computer. It truly is a lifeline to a much bigger world than I realized. Of course the flip side of that is it's a major time hog - if I let it, it will take over all my time!

The trip to Paris is now in it's second week and it's absolutely gorgeous there! So far we've had perfect weather and everyone is having a great deal of fun! I haven't had much time to paint other than for the class, but I wanted to put up something to celebrate this gorgeous weather we're having! I just LOVE Fall! In honor of the season, I present to you:

First Pumpkin of the Season
Watercolor ACEO (2.5" x 3.5"

Purchase information available here.

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