Happy Fall, Y'all!!

1:31 PM

Wow! Can you believe it's already fall?! I am stunned at how fast the days are flying by! Before the "great crash of September 16th" I had grand plans to relaunch my blog and web site with an Autumn theme. Weeeeeellllll, since I'm still awaiting replacement software to arrive, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening. Oh, well, at least I have an good excuse/reason this time!

Since I can't do the actual update - yet - I thought I'd share some Fall foliage with you instead. Some, if not all of these, have appeared on the blog before. I'll be sketching some new leaves when the Imaginary Trip through Autumn launches at the end of October (which will be here before I know it)! I know most of you are not looking forward to Fall the way I am, but I am oh, so ready for cooler temps. We're still well in the 90's with high humidity and another month (at least) of it to go! Okay, I'll quit whining now! ;•)

And this is a friendly reminder that the solstice is a great time to check in with your goals to see if you're still on track, need to course-correct or update. I know my goals have changed radically since the first of the year, but I am adjusting on the fly and keeping on track. There are a few things that have slipped here of late that need some attention, but these will be taken care of shortly. Had I not checked in on my goals, I'm not sure I would have caught the slip until it was a bigger issue.

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