An Autumn WIP - What is it?

6:23 PM

The colors are so far off on this one that I'm not sure if I'd know what it is if I weren't painting it, but I'm sure you can guess! Apparently, I'll be doing some calibrating between my new computer and scanner - yuck! Icky colors! Even adjusting the colors didn't seem to help much. (These are only the first washes - it will look better soon!) On the other hand, I am so pleased to say that I actually made it back into the studio today! About 45 minutes worth, which you see above. If you've read the blog very long you know that when I don't paint, I tend to get out of sorts and odd things start to happen.

Between crashing computers, new computers, trips to Paris, and a few other minor details, I haven't been painting and boy, can I tell it! Yes, I'm out of sorts, but I'm waaaaaaaay rusty too! I've been doing a lot of sketching while on location in Europe, but for me, there's quite a difference in the mindsets between sketching and studio painting. For one thing, my sketching is generally more free, capturing an essence of a place and no concerns about every detail. Studio work tends to be more exact, with close attention paid to nuance of color variations, details, and temperature.

But I gotta say - if feels so good to have a brush in my hands and to be back in the saddle. Too long gone. This painting is being done with watercolors on Ampersand's Aquabord and is approximately 6" square.

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