Sometimes It Works, Sometimes It Doesn't

3:56 PM

Watercolor sketch with added Micron pen linework

Strolling around a quaint neighborhood, I came across this lovely bicycle sitting in a courtyard! Paris* is full of bikes, but most of them are quite modern looking. I wanted something with a little more . . . . personality. This seem to fit the bill. I sat across the street (the courtyard was locked and I didn't want to go in without asking permission) and sketched the bike. When I reached in my bag for my waterbrush I realized I had left it back in my room! Drats!!

Since I had already taken a photo of it, I left and continued to mosey around the neighborhood. Once I returned to my room, I painted most of this from memory with an occasional glance at the digital camera display (I didn't want to run down the camera batteries). Memory is faulty and I realized too late I had not really sketched enough info when I was at the courtyard. The background was and still is missing and so I improvised a little. And didn't do so great.

Am I disappointed? No, not really. It's a sketch from my trip. Will I remember the courtyard and the bike? You bet! I'll remember that it was kind of overcast with a slight breeze and there weren't too many people about when I sat on the sidewalk across the street to sketch the bike. Could the sketch have been better? Oh, yes, in a myriad of ways, some obvious, some only obvious to me, but it definitely could have more of a wow factor. As always, I learn every time I put brush or pencil to paper! Now, on to the next adventure!

*This sketch is in preparation for An Imaginary Trip to Paris starting September 21st, which will be a sketching and painting holiday for those who join me! (I'm not really in Paris, darn it!) More information coming very soon.

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Laure....I absolutely love this painting. If I were in a store looking for a card, I would snap this up in a minute. This is what I look for (but don't often find)! I love the flowers in the basket.

  2. I love the background cuz it recedes so well into the background and makes the bike look like its waiting for the owner to come back and ride it. Hey, could be me!

  3. This is a good memory photo. This also illustrates how and eye witness is not always accurate.

  4. Sometimes simplicity and memory produce the most striking and evocative images. I love this one, Laure.

  5. I'm in love with the painted image and quite taken with your story about the venture. Great combination!!

  6. Hi Laure I agree with Kelly, this makes a great card. It also is wonderful, gentle and nostalgic.

  7. thisis picture postcard perfect Laure, it really is lovely.

  8. Tres Parisian, Laure! I love the "pop" of the red flowers in the basket. Anticipating lovely days in Paris with you soon : ).

  9. I have never been to Paris, but you are making me want to go there!

  10. I have a bit of an obsession with Paris and would be interested in more regarding your "imaginary trip" on Sept 21. Maybe I'll join up..

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