Well? Have You Begun Yet?!!

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Part II of What Are You Waiting For?! Begin!: (To read Part I, please click here.)

We need to be deliberate in our choices: we will begin; we will begin now; we will begin now imperfectly. By being deliberate we take the drama out of the situation and get down to what's important - the reason(s) why we want to do [fill in the blank] in the first place! I am forever making a simple situation complicated by layering on worries, perfection, guilt, responsibilities and all manner of unnecessary stuff rather than just going ahead and beginning! Don't be a me!!

We often wonder how. How do I get to [art, meditate, sewing, etc.] when I need to do everything else? Schedule it on the family calendar where everyone can see it. Be deliberate about the choice of time rather than trying to shoehorn it into whatever time is left over after everyone else's schedule is on the calendar. Then honor the commitment by showing up for the appointment and doing [art, sewing, meditation, etc.] at the appointed time.

Be consistent with the appointment so that it becomes as much a part of life as going to ball practice on Saturday mornings or church on Sundays. Fiercely protect that appointment against encroachment. (If you don't take the appointment seriously and do what you say you're going to do, don't expect anyone else to take you seriously!) Be prepared to get the most out of that appointment by thinking ahead: what do I want to accomplish, what supplies do I need, what prep work do I need to do ahead of time? Then do whatever is needed.

Make a project list. Refer to the list for direction rather than do mental aerobics trying to remember that great idea you had last month so as to not waste unexpected opportunities. Keep a kit with you - a sketchbook and a pen or pencil at minimum - at all times so that you can take advantage of "downtime" opportunities as they come along.

And last but not least, focus on the good stuff! Ditch the stress! Beating ourselves up for not doing something, not getting enough done, and/or not doing it well enough is not only extremely counterproductive it serves no purpose. After berating yourself, are you really more motivated? Down that path lies discouragement, demotivation, and eventually, we may even abandon our goals as too hard, too much, too draining. Use that energy to celebrate accomplishments instead, no matter how small. If I drew 5 minutes every day this week, I'd celebrate that rather than beat myself up for not finishing a painting.

Some other ideas to explore: use a timer to put yourself on a time budget so as not to spend too much time on the fun stuff and not enough time on the not-so-fun stuff; be flexible; accept that with some things, good is enough; learn to delegate; learn to say no - every time you say yes think about what you'll have to give up or won't be able to do; change your focus to what you have and what you can do with it rather than what you don't have and wishing for it; be grateful for what you can do and for what you get done!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Postscript: Lisa of Greenbow suggested doing an activity - like gardening - for 15 minutes a day! It's a great feeling to see a garden, a painting, or your special project happen by using just 15 minutes a day. Great suggestion, Lisa, thanks!!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Aye, aye, Captain! Great words to live by and great instructions to follow! Thanks for being our inspiration guru!

    (and I can't believe I'm actually the first to post a comment to your blog since I only check out blogs every few days or so!)

  2. Well, no, I haven't actually begun... but I am thinking about it. Does that count? ;-)

    I really do feel out of sync. Have not held a beloved cp in my hands for several weeks now. I usually hit this "blah" spell this time of the year. Worn out from blueberries and the unrelenting heat and humidity. Would you like a little cheese with your whine, Teresa? LOL! Thanks for the kick in the pants... I needed that!

    BTW - been reading through your posts that I've missed and your peony is just gorgeous. You did a wonderful job! Loved the door on the brick building too!

  3. Thanks Laura,
    It must be something in the air this week. Perhaps it's the full moon. LOL

    Anyway, what I am realising is the longer you sit and not do anything creative the more it feeds itself.

    I'm with Teresa, thanks for the royal kick in the bottom.

  4. Well, you certainly sound primed for it all! LOL

    I'd say....yes, I am "beginning," but not the things I wish I could be beginning--work things that just have to get there. Great attitude! Go for it!


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