The Butler Takes the Metro

8:36 PM

I wanted to make sure that I knew my way back to the Metro (Paris' Rapid Transit System), so I asked the waiter for directions. Lucky for me he spoke far better English than I do French! I have been enchanted with the Metro signs all over the city - many have an Art Nouveau style. This was the first one I've sketched but probably not the last. I added the background to the waiter and the sign back in my imaginary* hotel room. Again, about 15 minutes, start to finish.

I added the sign to the page with the waiter because neither image is or was a complete painting. They're both little vignettes of things I see that delight me while I make my way around the city. I neglected to mention in yesterday's post that the only brush I'm using is a waterbrush - it is a brush tip attached to a water reservoir which is also the handle. These brushes are marvelous for painting on location as it eliminates the need for a water source, but you do need extra paper towels!

I'm sure there will be more of these little scenes I'll want to add (to the upper left) as I find them, and of course, the fing is half the fun!

*This sketch is in preparation for An Imaginary Trip to Paris starting September 21st which will be a sketching and painting holiday for those who join me! (I'm not really in Paris, darn it!) More information coming very soon.

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You are having too much fun. I was wondering if I could remember enough about Paris to paint something. Hmmmmm....It was a long time ago when I was there. I didn't like it too much. Yes, you read that right. I hear a big gasp from over your way. A beautiful city for sure. The people I came in contact with were not so nice which colored my trip a little drab.

  2. Sadly, you're not the first one to mention some less than wonderful experiences in Paris, Lisa. I think in part, that's why it will be fun to paint "on location" from our very own computers!

  3. This is wonderful and I have enjoyed your posts immensely!

  4. Love the Metro sign! When we emerged from "our" Metro stop on our first night in Paris, I couldn't contain a shriek of joy - we had one of the art nouveau ones! So beautiful.

    We were only in Paris for a week, but during that time I gained such respect for people who come to the U.S. with little if any English. At least in Europe, most people speak some English, but here in the States, it is so rare to find anyone who can speak another language. I prepared for our trip by taking a French class and I was able to get around Paris on that knowledge with no problem, but it is exhausting trying to communicate in a different language!

  5. Excellent finish to the sketch! I feel like I'm there!


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