The Butler Did It!

10:15 PM

Or, at least that's what himself said when he saw this sketch! I popped into a little out-of-the-way cafe in Paris* for a few minutes today. They weren't very busy and this gentlemen was taking advantage of the lull. He was actually leaning up against a table with his other arm, but I didn't get that far. I'll put it in a little later though. I wanted to see how much I could get down and get color on in 15 minutes or so and this is the result.

When painting on location,* it is seldom that folks hold still or one pose for very long. That adds to the challenge of capturing a likeness! Would this guy recognize himself? Probably. Would he say it looks just like him? Not so much.

Things I like: The light was on his back and I think I did a good job on the values of the apron, shirt, pants and vest.

Things I would do differently: Could have had slightly stronger values on the shirt, arm and his face. I need to familiarize myself with my paint colors to get a more natural looking skin tone. Proportions could be a little better. He also needs a floor and some furniture to place him in a cafe!

*This sketch is in preparation for An Imaginary Trip to Paris starting September 21st which will be a sketching and painting holiday for those who join me! (I'm not really in Paris, darn it!) More information coming very soon.

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