Pink Petticoats Peony - FINISHED

5:25 PM

Pink Petticoats Peony
Original Watercolor by Laure Ferlita
© 2009 All Rights Reserved
8.25" x 4.375" (20.96 cm x 11.11 cm)

Last week I mentioned that I had not been painting and was feeling out of sync. I thought I was going to paint that evening, but it didn't happen as planned. It was the next day and I think, by then, I was starved for color and for the fluid motion of watercolor. When it came time to do the background, I wet the paper and let fly with the color!

I tilted the paper to get the paint to move and then sat back to see what would happen. The difficult challenge on this piece was to put in the shadows on whitish-pink petals and still have them read as whitish-pink petals as well as to have the shadows look luminous and not too "heavy." It has been a fun and just what the doctor ordered! No more outta sync! This painting has also served to light the fire again and you can believe I'll be back in the studio tomorrow!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. OHMYGOD, this is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree, those shadows are difficult and you nailed them. Like the background too.

  3. The delicacy of the petals is amazing, as are the details of the stamens/pistils/whatever they are called (shame on me for not knowing!). Your background hints at a whole garden full of these beautiful flowers. I'd say you've done it again!

  4. ....gorgeous. I love how the color bursts from the center (and the mix of colors in the background).

  5. Good for you for finding something to get you "back in sync". And may I just say, your flower is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Congratulations Laura the painting is lovely. Glad you found your mojo :-)

  7. Had to come back and say ... Gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful combination of the flower and background. Looks magical! So glad it got you back in the mood!!


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