Do You Belong . . . .

9:45 PM

. . . to a great art organization? What makes it great or different or special?

Do you play a role in that organization? What might it be? How do you contribute?

I am searching for ideas and information on what makes an art organization a [great] living, breathing, growing organism. The kind of organization that you and everyone else WANTs to belong to, to be a part of, to contribute to its growth and well being, as well as be a proud, card-carrying, paint-brush swinging, pencil-dancing, art member!

Any ideas?

Your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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1 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I can't exactly speak from personal experience - YET, but in my town there is an art group that meets monthly, no matter what your level or type of art. Their sole focus is on marketing in our county. Art Fairs, exhibits at the library and banks, local "meet the artists" shows, artist demonstrations at their meetings. They are very active and I've met so many people in this group (being in a small town and all). I'm going to join when they start up again in September. It is very professional meetings, voting on issues, secretary recording minutes, old business v. new business, singling out high schoolers in their art and giving awards, lining up artists for local art contests (like at the War of 1812 battlefield anniversary, there were artists painting). They are all very proud of being in this group and do so much in the community. Their one weakness: They know almost nothing about having an online presence. In fact, they said I (yes, little ole me - a beginner!) could teach them about it and do a demonstration at one of the meetings. And, membership is only $10 per year. What a deal.


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