Let's Go (Back) To Paris!

4:43 AM

The Paris Workshop in October was sooooooooo much fun and we just barely managed to scrape the "tip of the tower" as the city was jam-packed with places to see and visit and absorb and feel and taste and, and, and...

So I'm going back via an Imaginary Trip! This time around I'll be using my own photographs and I'll be showing you how I take a half finished sketchbook and begin to fill in the missing pieces, finish up pages that still need some polish and shine as well as capture some thoughts about what a magnificent place this was to visit!

An Imaginary Trip To Paris, Part 2 will launch on February 7th! It will contain four assignments along with lots of peeks into my sketchbook. I'll be working on adding more sketches as well as finishing you many of the pages I started and filling up some of the blank pages I left.

If you'd like to join in the fun, please click HERE to learn all of the details of the online class. 

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