Day Pretties

6:26 AM

Day Pretty
Watercolor, ink & stamps
3.5" x 8.5"
I've long wondered why day lilies were not called "day pretties," as the blooms only last for a day. My aunt and uncle grew day pretties for years. I went and took some photos, but I don't think I realized what a happy dose of sunshine they truly were/are until recently!

Again, I've been playing in my neighbor's garden. He's retired and spends most of his days in his yard and it is the prettiest on the block.

I liked the flower once it was complete, but it seemed lacking. Not the flower so much as the background.

I didn't want to repeat the text background that I did in the amaryllis piece, so I decided stripes would do the trick. They didn't. So I add the black pen line stripes. Still didn't like it. Added a second black pen line. Nope. Not doing it.

Then I happen to digging around my studio and happened up on some swirly stamps....and a light bulb lit. I decided to give it a go as I didn't like the page anyway.

And here is my latest installment in the Handbook Watercolor Journal. If I were to do it over, I'd do some things differently. Still, I had fun and that's what counts!

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15 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Isn't it funny how something we originally don't like turns out beautifully. I like day pretties too.

  2. Love how this developed, Laure! (Any time you want to re-post or do something similar at Artists Journal Workshop, hint hint...)

  3. Love the happy colors and playful feel. I bet there are lots of your followers who wish their experiments came out as nicely as yours (including me)!

  4. This is a fun piece. I love those lilies but they dont last long enough. I like what you did to the back ground. Its fun to experiment.

  5. Hi Laure!
    I've improved enough that I get to spend a few minutes on the computer each day so I'm starting to catch up with my blog buddies that I've missed so much. I LOVE your new blog look (beautiful paintings on the header) and your Day Pretty is perfect!


  6. It must be spring in Florida! Lovely flower paintings.

  7. I sometimes think a 'failed' piece of art is a gift as it forces us to think out of the box and come up with a better way.

    This daylily is a breath of spring!!! So pretty.

  8. I like their new name. My day pretties are merely short green shoots right now, but when they do flower I think I shall be inspired by your artwork to make a journal entry. x

  9. I like how it eventually ended up! The stripes are somewhat busy but I am used to seeing these flowers in bunches of them so they always seem to be in a busy setting making your design rather fitting. These flowers ooze cheerful spring and I think your page does too. I'd call that a success!

  10. The Amaryllis remind me of Christmas .... and the day lilies smell of spring -- full of spring's joy and beauty.

    Did you know you can pick a blossom in the morning and it lasts all day without water ... only going to last one day anyway. My grandmother used to have me make an arrangement on the table in the morning. ... you brought back a good memory.

  11. great result Laure; isn't it good when you can revive something that you think is past it. There's a wow feeling! You did great.

  12. Well, I like it! I love to add rubber stamping to my work. I know you like to do everything by hand but I need a little help. This turned out wonderful and it is so very sunny and happy.

  13. I love it, Laure! Sometimes, don't you think just "letting it happen" is the most creative way to go!? So cheerful.

    We have tons of day pretties in our yard--those things only bloom for a day each, but when you have as many as we do, they go and go for a long time. They're really pretty.

    I love your spread

  14. I love all the yellow in your Day Pretty journal entry! Very cool idea adding in the stamps...before I read the text I assumed you planned the background. Enjoyed reading how it evolved.

    ...also...I LOVE your Belted Kingfisher. They are such scaredy-cats and shy away from people (and cameras!). Glad you got a look at him. you captured his regal expression so well, and I love how you did his spiky do.

  15. love this. The background really sets your blooms off and I liked reading your thought processes on how you saved a painting you didn't particularly feel was successful.


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