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9:28 AM

Your wish is my command—usually. Some of you asked to see Chris' work from our one-day staycation.....above and below are Chris' sketches from our outing to Davis Islands. (You can see the first post here.)

Chris worked larger than I did, his pages are 5"x 7" and he worked in colored pencil. Using colored pencils, especially for location work, is a real challenge as you generally have to build up many layers. Chris is an extremely quick sketcher yet the pencils slowed him down considerably. A few things both of us agreed on is that our values were off on the fountain guy and we wished we had simplified the background.
 I had finished my fountain face and was nearly finished with the bench when Chris turned to start sketching the bench. Having no way to really capture the whites of the Bridal Wreath shrub, he decided to capture some of the local wildlife going about their daily business.
Believe it or not, this door is part of the same house that I sketched. We both agreed that it seemed out of place for the house. It's looked like they were trying to marry different architectural styles and they just didn't mesh well. There were no bats....that's Chris' special touch he adds to his work. I was really surprised that the top sketch was not given the special touch as well. As Chris said, "I can only take this stuff seriously for so long."

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Nice work! His extra touches are rather his trademark aren't they? They add personality for sure.

  2. It is so neat that you both sketch. I really liked seeing the way you each did the fountain guy - somewhat different, but still very recognizable as the same guy.

  3. Your special guest artist is very talented - I like his sense of humour too. I have a 'guest' artist living with me - isn't it fun to share such quiet times togather. x

  4. Enjoyed seeing Chris' work. He's certainly got his own fun and quirky style. There's just too much talent in the Ferlita household. Maybe you should see if the cats and dogs want to participate?!

  5. Hahaha! Bats and squirrels being clobbered with acorns--funny. Is that Bob the Squirrel from Boomer's fame? Tell Chris I say Hi, and I love his drawings.

  6. oh what a wonderful these pieces by your guest artist!!!

  7. Chris is a great artist too. Love his sense of humor.. Love the squirrels and is that his Bats in the belfry rendition? :)) Hope he guests again. :)

  8. Very interesting to see Chris' work in addition to yours. It is always fun to see the different ways that multiple people will capture an experience or place. Tell him that I really enjoyed them and that I hope to see some more in the future.

  9. I like the special touches. The squirrels throwing acrons at each other made me laugh. You are lucky to have someone that likes to go sketching with you. FUN.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I like seeing his work. Love that door!

  11. I think it's great you two can head out and sketch together! Lovely!

  12. Looks like a fun outing and great day for sketching. Are those bats flying around?

  13. Yes, Timaree, you have it right—those are his "trademarks!"

    Cheryl, it was interesting to me when we both sketched the same thing and then discussed our approach to the subject (quite different I might add).

    Yay, Gillian! It is fun and I cherish those sketching opportunities.

    KJ, only if there's food involved would the cats or dogs be interested. And something to smell.

    Kelly, you've just told him as he reads the blog on a regular basis!

    Thanks, Diana!

    Yes, Cris, Chris is a wonderful artist and yes, that's his rendition of bats in the belfry!

    Thanks, Claire, I'm sure he's read the comments and no doubt, he'll be back!

    Yes, Lisa, I'm a lucky girl!

    Thanks, Katie!

    Thanks, Sue, it's a lot of fun and usually it's pretty entertaining as well.

    It was fun, Jacqueline and yes, those are bats but only in his imagination.


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