Otters and Pigs

6:38 AM

People are pigs. Nasty, filthy pigs.*  Does that statement shock you? Does it come across with every ounce of viciousness I can summon? It should.…because it also contains anger, nay, fury at the stupidity of of some people. And what might be driving this fury and viciousness you wonder?


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This is a no-name creek where Chris and I went to sketch Saturday morning. In case you can't tell what this is an image of, I've added captions to the various items in the creek. Please enlarge to see for yourself.

And this.

Old carpet padding, old paint cans rusted through, empty motor oil cans/bottles, a clothes detergent bottle, an old frilly nightgown, broken glass of every make, color and kind, beer bottles, soda cans, styrofoam cups, plastic bags, and more. We counted 3 televisions/computer monitors and a full size mattress IN THE WATER. The box springs was up underneath the foundation of the bridge. The next good rain and it will be in the creek as well.

Are you disgusted yet?

How would you feel if you knew this little guy lived in this creek?
Memory Sketch
Created with J. Herbin ink and Fountain Pen
in my Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
"Go away and get outta my creek!"
Memory Sketch
Black gel ink and watercolors
in my Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
Mind you, I live in a county that provides a drop off areas at various places for paint, mattresses, old TVs, computer equipment and the like. For FREE. You don't even have to show ID. There is NO reason, none, for this trash to be in this creek. None that I'll have. Other than some human beings don't deserve to walk upright.

*(I apologize to all pig lovers and do not mean to malign pigs in anyway.)

Okay rant over. For now.

The two images of the otter were done much later in the day as the whole encounter with that sweet face lasted less than a minute! The otter was none too pleased that we interrupted his romp. I was thoroughly scolded with an annoyed bark as he disappeared down the creek. Looking to see if we could see where he went, we encountered that pile of trash....and my heart broke.

The top image of the otter does not quite capture his agitation and annoyance at the intrusion. The bottom one comes much closer. And if we humans are responsible for the deplorable shape of his creek, who can blame him?

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18 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Well said! We are big on recycling here in Oregon. How sad to see the photos but love the little paintings! I am working on blog post as recipient of the blog award that you gave me. Fun thing to do on a cold gray day.

  2. Oh, Laure! This makes me sick! Just the other day I put an old computer, the kind with the really big monitor, out by my curb for trash pickup in two days and some man came by that evening and asked if he could take it. There is no excuse for this kind of disregard for nature. It's not that difficult to dispose of what you don't want/need. What is the matter with people?
    Your memory is far better than mine, as your little otter is as cute as can be!

  3. It is sad, Jacqueline. It just about kills me.

    Katie, I should have mentioned that those are both quasi-memory sketches as I had to look up an otter when I came home to get the head shape right.

  4. ..yes Laure, there's 'trash' in our human society that do these things sadly. Good side, your otter paintings are just beautiful; we wish for a better home for them though.

  5. Scenes like this make me sick, too! If people took the trouble to drag all that stuff out to the creek, why can't they DRIVE it to the drop off centers?! Sheesh.

  6. YES I'm disgusted now! It's pretty awful what people will do. But I love your otter sketches - especially the second one!

  7. ...ridiculous!!! Beyond ridiculous for that matter.

    Glad the sweet litter otter popped up to say hi (even if it was a grumpy bark!).

  8. I love your sketches! I live in a rural part of Kingman and people come and dump their stuff out here. It's a shame. Kingman didn't have the free places to drop recyclables and electronics before but someone down the street put up a fence and dumped a camper, boat, old car and all kinds of other stuff. Well, the wind blew and the fence came down and almost all of that stuff (that couldn't be taken apart by scavengers too) blew all over the place. It is disgusting!

    I am glad you got a nice sketch though.

  9. How sad... and people took the time to load their garbage, but not enough time to take it to a dump??? It sickens me. Hard to imagine that poor little guy living near a pile of rubbish.

    I am glad you got to see otter and create such wonderful sketches. They are such amazing little critters. :)

  10. The dumping is a shame. It doesn't surprise me a bit though. I live on a busy street and the things I pick up out of the yard is unbelieveable. I can only imagine these pigs, I mean people, at a rural area. Mean hearted they are. Your otter is sweet despite his annoyance at your intrusion.

  11. Is there another word worse than disgusting I can use???? Absolutely no regard for anything other than themselves! I think the use of the word "Pig" is far too nice...I just can't think of anything else much worst, to call them.

    I love your drawings of these beautiful little bad they have to share this world with those, for lack of a better term, PIGS! Great post Laure! (and thanks again for my award!)

  12. Wow--that IS awful. So sad that people are that lazy and slovenly. Sweet little guy who deserves a beautiful home without peoples' trash cluttering it up!

  13. I understand your pain and sadness at the neglect and ignorance and mean spiritness of many people. We encounter it up here in the wilds on n. Vancouver Island sometimes too. We also have places that take all this stuff FREE but many can't be bothered I guess. Love your sketches of the little guy and his cute whiskers.

  14. I love your otter! Otters! .... and symphasize whole heartedly with your sentiments.

  15. I'm glad you retracted the bit about pigs - they're lovely intelligent creatures - unlike these morons who litter the countryside.
    Well done you for highlighting this problem - we have the same trouble here in the UK too. I cannot understand why someone would seek the beauty of a rural lakeside, for example, then leave their picnic litter. If this became a mountain of litter they would be the first to complain and would probably drive elsewhere!
    Love the otter sketch btw. x

  16. Thanks, Carole, I'm working on getting the place cleaned up though it would probably be faster if I just went and did it myself.

    Thanks, Donna!

    KJ, I still can't even think about it without brisling! Grrrrrr!

    Thank you, Cheryl.

    Yeah, Kelly, it's beyond ridiculous. I cannot comprehend. I really can't. Not sure he was saying hi so much as he was checking out the threat.

    Our area is not really "rural" anymore though parts of it make you think so. "Town" has moved in on us and we have this problem in more than a few places, Timaree.

    Yes, Brenda, the otter was totally amazing!

    Lisa, it doesn't surprise me, I just can't understand.

    Myra, there are a number of other words I can use and do.....but not in "polite" company. And you're more than welcome for your reward!

    Sue, I'm hoping to get it cleaned up, either through the county or doing it myself.

    Hey, Karen, thanks for stopping by. Even on an island? Amazing. Amazing and disgusting at the same time.

    Thanks, Elva, thought of you when I saw that sweet otter face!

    Gillian, I wasn't speaking of actual pigs so much as I was thinking of the metaphorical type of pig. I guess there this is nature of the human BEAST. The ones that should not be walking upright.

  17. How very sad. We are supposed to be intelligent humans but this shows how low humans can get... and its so true.. they took all that time & trouble to go in there to dump the things.. how much easier to put it where it wont ruin places like this for all these lovely little creatures. Great paintings. I would have been so mad too if I were him.


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