One-Day "Staycation!"

5:44 AM

Watercolor only in the
top and bottom sketches,
white and black ink in the
middle sketch;
Handbook Watercolor
3.5 x 8.5 inches
I'm not sure what to think of the word "staycation"....I don't think of staying at home as a vacation since I work out of my home. I'm there a lot. Sometimes, too much, but I digress.

Chris and I decided to go out sketching Sunday morning... a kind of spur-of-the-moment Spring madness took over, and we were off!

We went to some little islands that are linked together called Davis Islands. They're located just off from downtown Tampa in Hillsborough Bay. Even though the islands are linked to the mainland, it was like stepping into another world....

We found a small park and decided to start there. There was a tall tower in the middle of the park with dedication plaques on the sides. At the bottom was the cool looking stone fountain face. Unfortunately, the fountain was bone dry and looked as if it had been a long while since it worked.

The other cool thing about the tower is that it threw a long, wide shadow that was very pleasant to sit in as we quickly climbed into the 80's on Sunday. Next, I shifted around and drew the bench with a bridal wreath shrub blooming behind it.

Shifting once again, I noticed the house (it might have been a business, not sure) across the street with the gorgeous cut-out work over the front door. The building was under construction and up for sale, but the red clay tiles shining in the sun were gorgeous. Each of the sketches took about twenty minutes each.

We made our way back to main street to find some lunch and stopped in a Grecian cafe....that was only serving breakfast! We had hoped for an gyro, but the breakfast was good, it was cool and we felt refreshed after our meal.

Going to a place we were unfamiliar with (we've both been there, just not a lot), eating lunch in a restaurant we weren't familiar with, then getting served breakfast instead of lunch all contributed to the feeling that we were on a real get-out-of-town vacation. Kinda cool actually.

And just thirty minutes later, we were home.....can't beat that!

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...sounds wonderful, Laure. I would love to do something like that with Rick! (I especially loved hearing the "80s" part of your report...that sounds soooooooooooooo good! I'm starting to get sick of the 30s.) Glad you and the hubby were able to get out and go sketching together...that's really nice.

  2. This sounds like lots of fun. I could use a day like this.

  3. What a lovely morning! Sounds like the two of you had a great time and came home refreshed. Sometimes just a little change is all you need.

  4. I hate the word but at least it's self-descriptive. That sounds like my kind of trip, Laure. Sketching in a companionable silence, not having to cook a meal and only a short ride home! Not to mention a sketchbook filled with happy memories. Lovely work, as always. x

  5. As perfect days go...this sounds like a great one! They need to happen more to all of us.

    No sketches from Chris?

  6. Sounds delightful. Nice to have a reminder that a special day doesn't require lots of $ for far away travel! I've also been thinking of lots of interesting places to go near home - i.e., short drive for a day visit.

    I like your composition where you've included multiple little tidbits from your day.

  7. Sounds like a fun day out to me. Nice sketches too to remember it by.

  8. What fun and a good idea. We never really just get out and sit to sketch. Just photographing things. Maybe we need to combine the two. It is refreshing to get out of the house sometimes even if its not far. Thanks for the idea. Great sketches. that long sketchbook is sure coming in handy.

  9. Your 'staycation' sounds wonderful. Now if it will just quit raining here so we can go on one!

  10. I love staycations! Exploring new towns is always so invigorating and exciting to me. Looks like your day out provided you with a lovely, creative shot in the arm.

  11. Nothing like seeing things in your own neck of the woods in a fresh, new way--good for you, Laure!

  12. I'm going to look into those islands next time I'm in sarasota. Always looking for new places to go to visit.


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