It Was Worth A Shot

6:21 AM

Watercolor and Ink
Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
3.5 x 8.5 inches
Something happens to my brain when I start to add text in outline form....I forget how to spell.

I guess because I'm seeing shapes and not letters. Still nursing my headache from the weekend, I decided I needed some color. Lots of fun, bright, bold, obnoxious color.

My neighbor's amaryllis are blooming with lots of vibrant reds. Since they were so handy, I decided they would do the trick. I went with a gray outline of J. Herbin's gray ink to begin with. After splashing color around, the gray didn't quite show up as much as I had hoped.

Then I decided to add the word "Amaryllis" at the bottom. Despite having looked the word up (just to be sure) and having it displayed on the computer monitor as I was adding it (just to be sure), I misspelled it. I had "Amam" down before I realized my mistake. What's with the brain freeze?!

So then I was going to feature it with the word "Amam-oops." Didn't like that. I thought I could lift the gray as it's not permanent ink.

It didn't lift. Not completely.

Decided "oh, well." Got out the black marker and outlined everything including the proper spelling on the word "amaryllis." Yes, the mistake is still there in all it's glory but is slightly less noticeable.

Hubby looks at it and says "Shouldn't that be a 'y' instead of a 'v'?"

Time to turn the page. Next......

UPDATE: As of this morning, Tuesday morning, I am headache free! Yay! Thanks everyone for your concern!

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