It's Time To Celebrate Spring!

11:31 AM

Not only is Spring finally getting underway, the Spring Schedule for Imaginary Trips has been posted!

We'll be going on "An Imaginary Visit to the Garden!" starting Thursday, April 14th and the Artful Journaling classes, Foundations and Explorations are starting on Tuesday, April 19th!

Come join in the fun! For more information, you can visit the links above or visit the i•Trav•e•logue here.

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This was fun. I loved seeing you do some painting. Much easier when watching you do it. :) I love my water brush I got. Its so much fun to use.

  2. Laure, this is fantastic! I'm sure you will get lots of sign ups. Love, love seeing and hearing you.

  3. Hi Laure,
    I just signed up and paid for your class and can't do the user agreement because I'm not signed up with email thru Mac. I Agree to Comply Fully with the User Agreement. Please email me as I can not access your email address anywhere without the box coming up that wants me to register my computer thru apple email.

  4. You're so good, L!

    Loved this.... love your smooth style. Thanks for posting!


  5. I just signed up for the foundations class. I am so excited!

  6. I sure wish spring were appearing here! Awesome video!! Great way to learn to paint


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