Upcoming Adventures and A Few Random Sketches

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Come and join the Bookbinding Adventure at Live and Learn in Riverview on July 29th! We're going to take a full-size sheet of watercolor paper and turn it into a fabulous watercolor journal, complete with a cover. There's something about working in a journal you've made yourself that elevates the experience. 

These journals also make great gifts. This workshop doesn't require any special skills and once you've learned the basics, there's no end to all the ways you can customize this sketchbook! Please click here for more info!


If you'd like to learn how to capture a sense of movement in your work, come and join me at Keeton's in Bradenton, Florida on August 12th at 9 am as we capture a Windy Day at Beach! We always have a grand time and it's so very fun to see what everyone comes up with. For more info or to register for the class, please click here.

Below is a group of in-progress turtles from our class on July 8th:

Aren't they fabulous?! If you missed this class at Keeton's because you live too far away or had other obligations, you can alway join in the fun via TheImaginaryRealm.com! The turtle class above, Painting A Gentle Giant of the Sea, is now available for you to enjoy. The class is yours for a year and you can watch the video demos as many times as you'd like!
Please click here to sign up for the class!

Life has been rather busy lately, but I finally had a chance to meet up with Kathy from CatchingHappiness.com, the other day. As a treat, we went to Revolution Ice Cream shop and yum! We did a "sampler" so we could try six different flavors between us. They were all outstanding!

Later, I waited out a rainstorm with A Paris Life by Janice MacLeod, on loan to me from Kathy. Oh, what a treat—it's even more delicious than the ice cream! If you want to go to Paris this year without getting on a plane, I highly recommend this book. It's part sketchbook with many colorful observations scattered about the essays that capture the day-to-day adventures of Ms. MacLeod. Treat yourself, you won't be sorry!
The sketch below was started at a favorite Thai restaurant while we waited for our food to appear. I am always captivated by golden goddess statuary whenever we visit. There are several statues in the restaurant, but I always seem to sit near this one. I'll repost once the sketch is finished.

Do you sketch at restaurants? Before or after the food arrives?

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