Sketch 'n' Lunch!

6:00 AM

Yesterday was errand day and I had about a half dozen places I needed to visit. I wanted to make it home in time for lunch, but it was not to be. Running around in the rain (finally!) seems to slow things down a bit.

Anyway, I stopped off at Panera as it happens to be right next to the book store. I moseyed through there first and picked up a couple of magazines with the intention of reading through lunch since I didn't have my usual partner in crime with me.

As I sat looking at my lunch, I thought, "well, gee, that kinda looks like a picture....."**

So, what is one to do with a pretty-as-a-picture salad? Why, draw it in their sketchbook, of course!

I drew out the main shapes of chicken, tomato, pecans, blue cheese crumbles and some of the purply lettuce. Once I had enough down on the page, I started eating. By the time I finished my lunch, I just about had the sketch completed.

After looking at it at home, I realized I needed to go back and throw in some darker greens and darken the bowl too.

This was one of my more successful "sketching food" adventures, I'm pleased to say.

It was kinda fun. It was even more fun when I saw the one guy leaning over the banister to watch what I was doing. He never said anything though. Bet you didn't know that sketching in public is another form of performance art!?!

Pen and Watercolor
in a crummy sketchbook

And this is where I finished.

This is a "sketchbook" that came with a leather portfolio I purchased several years ago...for the portfolio. The paper in this sketchbook is not worth a plug nickel! Ink, watercolor, even ballpoint pen all show through to the other side. If it didn't say sketchbook on the front cover, I'd wonder....

However, paper is paper and 'tis good for playing around!

**Side note: With the rain, comes lots of really bad headaches for me from the drop in barometric pressure and allergy flair-ups.....which leads to a rather slow reaction time otherwise known as "doh!!"

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20 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Wish I was there with you :)! Looks like a yummy salad, and you got bonus art out of it too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gee that sure looks good. Great way to spend a lunch alone.

  3. Darn you.. Ever since your post about drawing I have been looking at everything to draw, and have completed two little cards and posted them. Now I feel the urge to draw and keep it up.. LOL
    This is a fun example of giving into the urge to draw. I just dont know if I have it in me to perform in public yet tho. :))Bummer about the headaches. :(

  4. Kudos, Laure! Great job on the lunch, and it sounded delicious.

  5. As soon as I saw the bowl I said to myself.... ah another Panera fan. Glad you captured the moment in your sketchbook to share with us. Good example for us too.

  6. Looks yummy to me. Even on that yucky paper! I got a migraine just after I got home from CA. Then I got floaters in my eye. Big floaters. I may be going back to Ca to see an opthalmologist! Sketching hasn't been high on the agenda lately but I'm missing it so need to get back to it. I hope your headaches don't hang around long but we all need rain at times. What's that saying? "There's a little rain in everyone's life" or something like that but they don't have to be quite so right as headaches along with the rain making the play on the words for you do they?

  7. MMMMmmmm .... Yummy looking lunch. Hope your head clears up soon.

  8. Fantastic!!! hope you will do it more often. I find sketching and eating so relaxing (as long as you are not too hungry!!!)

  9. Wonderful sketch and a wonderful looking lunch...ummmm yummy!

  10. Now i'm hungry. I'm surprised you had the control of not touching the food :)

  11. I'm sure Tank appreciated the attention, KJ!

    It was very tasty, Teri. And yes, I think time better spent than reading.

    LOL, Cris! You don't really expect me to feel bad, right?! I think it's FANTASTIC that you're drawing and creating new cards!

    Thanks, Sue, it was very good!

    Claire, you're absolutely right—I'm warming up for NOLA!

    Sorry to hear of the floaters, Timaree. Not good. I don't mind the rain. Want it, in fact, just not the headaches that go with it.

    Thanks, Elva.

    Thank you, Liz, you do know this is your doing, right?!! Thanks for the push with your gorgeous pages!

    Thank you, Ann!

    Hi, Mice! I don't usually have the patience—this was a first!

  12. I'm a new follower. Thank you for this entry - I would never have thought of sketching something as mundane as a salad. I will look at all of my food differently now!

  13. Your sketch looks good enough to eat. :)

  14. One of my favorite salads at my favorite lunch spot. In fact, I ate there today, but had the salad with strawberries, blueberries, and chicken. Also one of my favorites. Hope the headaches go away quickly! Great sketch, btw.

  15. Wow that salad looks soooooo good! You know I do love salads too! and what a great way to spend lunch alone! (although I would have joined you!) Can't wait to meet up later!

  16. Welcome, Betty Adele!! And thank you for the smile—any time I can elevate the ordinary to extraordinary, I'm happy girl!

    And so it was, Lisa! :•)

    Another Panera gal! Thanks, Cheryl!

    Wish you could have joined me, Myra!

  17. What a great way to enjoy your lunch. I can see a little face in the veggies on the left.

  18. Busted! Yes, Mary, there's definitely a face there on the right....still haven't figured out a way to disguise it!

  19. Well, I just never would have thought about sketching lunch! I guess because I'm always too busy scarfing it down.:) This looks pretty much like a salad! May I join you?

  20. Yum!! Looks refreshing and light. Love the colors...and the ink outlines.


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