Woohoo! Another Interview!

10:53 PM

The lovely and talented Cathy (Kate) Johnson has just posted an interview that she and I did during the creation of the book, Artist's Journal Workshop over on the blog by the same name! So, if you're just dying to know more about me (ha!), hot foot it on over there....

...while you're there I seriously recommend checking out the book that started this awesome journey—Kate has knock this one out of the ballpark with the bases loaded! It's chocked full of inspiration, phenomenal art, and she has a knack for making it accessible no matter where you might be on the road of discovery!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I'm going to go rush over there and read the interview right now! Awesome! Also, can't wait for the new book to be delivered ... any day now!!

  2. Congratulations Laure! Funny thing is that I just ordered that book last night. Do you have something in the book? It is a great interview!

  3. Laure, that's a wonderful interview! I love your artwork throughout the interview as well...absolutely gorgeous! You are definitely in your element now with the corporate world in your "rearview mirror" where it belongs!! Full speed ahead my dear friend!

  4. ...Laure, I'm down here in Shawnee and can't wait to get home so I can order the book! Congrats to you and Cathy. I'm going to head over to the interview now!


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