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Between Father's Day festivities and a "to-accomplish" list longer than my arm, I didn't get to run away and paint on location this weekend.

Instead, I ran away to our breakfast nook (part of the kitchen) to sit and sketch. These flowers reside on the corkboard/shelf that Chris made for me several years ago.

In a recent conversation with a friend who has been away from art for several years, I realized how important it is to keep my hand "in the game!" After just a few days of not sketching or painting, I can feel the rust start to accumulate.

Trying to get back in the game after several years has to be brutal! You know where you once were and what you were capable of......but those skills seem to have disappeared.

They haven't. They're just caked in rust, and to get those skills cleaned off means having to be willing to paint badly for a while. The saying, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly" seems to apply in this situation.

The only way to get those skills back and to knock the rust off is simply to do it. We have to go through it to get to the other side.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice simply makes us better. It is a necessary ingredient to keep our eye and hand coordination strong, our visual vocabulary rich.

And it's kinda like riding a bike again after a 20 year's gonna hurt until those muscles get strong again!

Do you practice sketching and drawing on a regular basis?

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1. No I dont draw regularly Laure. I was in the garden this weekend trying to draw something and what a mess. I NEED to do this regularly. But I find excuses not to. Groan. Number one excuse is WHAT to draw and TWO how to put it on the paper. Should I do it in an order etc. I am so looking forward to my new Northlight Artist journal workshop book coming that deals with these things.

  2. I don't draw as regularly as I'd like to. Taking a class always helps, but I need to get in the habit when I'm NOT taking a class. I love your little sketch. I'm struggling trying to find a paper that I like for both watercolor and ink too. I love my CP Fabriano for watercolor, but not for ink. HP works better for ink, but I don't like to watercolor on it. What to do, what to do!

  3. Hi, Laure. Yes I do sketch often. Don't always add color but I so agree that rust sets in real quick! Now I'm working with new tools... Pentel pocket brush and a Platinum brush pen. The lines are sooo bold. Not quite beautiful yet but we're working on it :)

  4. I think we all feel this way, Laure. I go through periods where I want to paint and sketch all the time, and then I hit a creative roadblock. I've come to just listen to it and figure--"I'll be back" when it's time to get the juices going again! I love your flowers here, though!

  5. I do draw daily even if it's only for 15 minutes while sipping my coffee. Sometimes that drawing/sketch may only be my coffee mug or my pen. I find that checking in on all of the blogs that I follow and the flickr groups really help keep me motivated.

  6. I haven't yet made time for regular sketching--I do it haphazardly when I'm "in the mood"--with predictable results. (I don't get any better.) I'm in the process of reorganizing the way I spend my time, and I plan to sneak regular sketching time in there somehow. After all, I have to get ready for NOLA!!

  7. I do a lot more drawing than I paint. I should and could paint more often. I usually get on a painting kick when I see something that sparks my muse. I shouldn't wait for that though. Plug on.

  8. Lovely little piece of art Laure. I just can't imagine you getting rusty!
    I do sketch quite regularly except when high stress takes everything away. Then I realize that even a few days away makes a difference. Hope your friend just jumps back in.

  9. Cris, this is going to sound odd, but it really doesn't matter what you draw if you're drawing for practice. It's more important that you simply draw!

    Now, Cheryl, you need to get busy! You're going to be in fine form for November!

    I look forward to your posts on the Pentel Pocket brush. I've purchased one, but it's still in the package!

    Sue, I tried working that was for years and the end result was not a lot of art. I find if I give myself 15 minutes to get into to it I usually do. On there rare occasion, when the 15 minutes are up and I'm not into it, I move on to something else for the day Whatever works best!

    What a wonderful way to start your day, Clare! Yes, there's definitely a lot of inspiration on the many blogs out here in the world.

    Yes, you do have to get ready for NOLA, KJ!! Let me know how the re-org works for you—I may have to give a try!

    I'm not so sure, Lisa, I think when our muses are sparked by something the work is generally better. However, I do find a lot more sparks in the process rather than waiting for it to happen.

    Oh, Teri, if you only knew! Deep breathes, much visualizing and tell that stress to go away—you need to sketch. I'm waiting to hear from my friend. He has plans to try something this week!

  10. I want to say I sketch a lot, but it would be more accurate to say I sketch regularly. What I have to remind myself to do is to challenge myself. Robert Bateman mentioned the need to make 10,000 mistakes .... gotta get busy doing that.

    I had to chuckle at your use of the word 'rust.' I've always maintained I get rust in my veins when life sidetrackes me from my art.

  11. Junk paper journal? I can only imagine that you refer to the pages and not your art because this is delightful.
    I can't imagine you'd ever rust - now me - I positively clank and squeak!

    PS - the word verification for this is 'gappo'. LOL. Sounds like a glue for dentists.

  12. No. Those aren't my gifts/art. But, the same applies to writing and music. I tell my piano students that they need to get their hands in shape to play better, like a runner who needs to train for a marathon.

  13. That is always my goal but it doesn't always happen. Right now the weeds in my garden are calling me.

  14. Thank you Laure...What you said in your comment to me seemed to free me. I have been drawing something every day. They arent the greatest drawings and its in an old torn sketch book but I am drawing. It feels good to just do something that means nothing but practice. If I keep it up & get over the RUST..then I can graduate to the next level.. my better sketch book. :))


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