Dinner....and a Mini Vacation!

9:51 AM

Impressions of Gulfport
Watercolor and Ink
10 x 7 inches
Cachet Watercolor Sketchbook
Saturday evening, we met friends Wayne and Myra in Gulfport, Florida for an early dinner. Little did we know it would be a mini vacation! We met at Backfin Blue Cafe for crab cakes and a grouper sandwich before strolling around the little beach community.

The cafe is in an old house that's been converted into a restaurant. There were about six tables inside with a dozen on a porch that wrapped around the outside of the house. The food was good and the company, excellent as always! By the time we left there was a long wait at the front door.

After we finished our meal, we walked towards the beach. Antiques and collectibles, beach wear, home decor, and restaurants were everywhere!

There was live music going on at a number of the restaurants and bars adding to the ambience. Lulu, the famous feline, was hanging out on the front porch of the Peninsula Inn and Spa to greet guests (though she was trying to catch up on her beauty sleep).

We walked out on the small pier when we reached the water and enjoyed the cool breezes coming in. The signs posted mentioned manatee, but we didn't see any. From there, we began our walk back up the other side of the street, admiring the different houses and gardens. We eventually arrived at an ice cream shop where we just had to stop and enjoy the goodies!

What we expected to be a very nice dinner with friends turned into a mini getaway as we walked through the town and into some of the small eclectic shops. They were advertising an Art Night on the first Friday of each month and the third Saturday. Sounds like a good time!

The four of us decided we needed to go back (soon!) and check out some of the other restaurants in the area as well as for the fun mental break of a mini getaway.

I opted to leave my sketchbook in the jeep and instead took photos with my iPhone as we strolled around. Sunday, I painted the collage while the vacation feeling was still strong.

Just looking at the page brings back that "vacation state of mind!"

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Your day out sounds marvelous. Your sketches are colorful and lively.

  2. One of those magical times that you just want to bottle! Your lovely sketch will bring happy memories of that time. x

  3. Hi Laure, You have captured the feeling of atmosphere with your sketch and brought the different images together so well. (Have just noticed that when I move the cursor it's followed by little stars - now I'm curious, hope you don't mind, but I have to ask how you added that).....regards ann

  4. Always fun to have a surprise fun filled day. You sketched it very well. I love that you added the slumbering cat too. Nice to know you used your camera when home to do your page. The time goes to fast to sketch all the time. Its either enjoy the time with friends or sketch. This way you had it all.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful evening

  6. Laure, you really did capture our time together very nicely and I can't wait to go back! Wayne and I truly enjoyed our "mini vacation" with you and Chris! Happy you both did too!

  7. And THAT's why sketching on vacation is so great--you get the feel for the experience, more so than just with photos. Love your collage and Gulfport sounds wonderful. Will have to take Larry there.

  8. I love this page! It is so pretty and says so much about your little getaway. I'm glad you gave us more details in your post as I felt I was there walking with you. Sounds like a really fun night.

  9. Lisa, it was a super fun day—I'm ready to go back!

    You're right, Gillian, it was magical!

    Ann, go here to get the code for the faerie dust: http://easycustomblogs.blogspot.com/2009/06/fairy-dust-mouse-trail.html

    Cris, sometimes you have to pick and choose....I chose time with our friends that we don't see nearly enough.

    Mim, it was sooo nice, and definitely worth a trip when you're in the area!

    We'll have to get together again soon, Myra, and go back there!

    KJ, you guys will love it!

    Thanks, Katie, it was a fun night!

  10. That is what friends are all about. You captured it beautifully.

  11. Been to Gulfport many times. Never saw that silly Lulu. Will have to look for her next time. Fantastic watercolor!

  12. Thanks, Judy! To find Lulu, you'll have to be there before the karaoke starts!


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