Caffeine Challenged Sketching

10:09 AM

Some days I wonder what I was thinking about when I look back at my sketches because it's obvious I was not thinking about what I was sketching!

IHOP Coffee Carafe
Watercolor and Ink
5 x 5 Inches
To continue that yippee-we're-on-vacation!!" feeling that Chris and I found in Gulfport (see post here), we decided to go out for breakfast on the 4th of July. The only time we ever eat breakfast out is when we're on vacation or unusual circumstances (like the Jeep had to go into the dealer at 7:00 am for a recall).

I decided to get in some people sketching practice while we waited for our food to be delivered....and picked the one guy in the whole restaurant that was getting ready to leave 13 seconds after I put down my first line on the page. 

Okay, then. 

I decided to shift my attention to the coffee carafe that the waitress had just set down on the table. 

I knew it wouldn't be leaving. 

When we arrived home, I decide to go ahead and add color to the piece....and wondered why in the world I didn't turn the pot so that some of handle showed for a more interesting sketch...what was I thinking?!

My "save" was to paint in an imaginary shadow showing the handle. Not highly accurate or convincing, it does save this from a totally useless sketch. 

I think I need more practice. Or maybe I just need more coffee before I tackle this again.

Will you be sketching this weekend?

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love the sketch with the shadow.... more mystery. As always, your words are as interesting as your art. You rock!

  2. I am sure something will turn up at the MIL's house this weekend to be sketched. Sometimes you just can't think of everything.

  3. I hope so! I actually sketched a couple of things on the breakfast table at The Brunchery last weekend. I doubt we'll be going out again, so I'll have to find something around here to sketch.

  4. Ofttimes we sketch to sketch.... design never enters the picture :) Thanks for the giggles!

  5. That's a hoot. It was a simple thing to do.. turn the coffee pot but I do the same thing. Sketch something with out thinking.. I don't drink coffee.. maybe I should. lol I was on a roll sketching but life got in the way again so I haven't been sketching. Now I need to get back to it again. Its hard to make it a habit. There are so many excuses.

  6. Love the thoughts you shared. Sounds so
    I sat in the sunroom this am drinking coffe and sketching the scene out the window. That morning time is so special.

  7. Well, not every painting is a Winslow Homer. Maybe this was just a doodle that grew!
    I did the same thing at a very slooow art show I did yesterday. Three daisies in front of a picket fence. Nothing to brag about, but it kept me occupied.

  8. It's still a coffee pot and it brings up a memory so overall it's successful but so often I do the same thing - leave out what could have made a more interesting sketch or even more often, start too far to one side so my whole sketch doesn't fit like I wanted. Mmmm, I'd love to eat breakfast out for a change! As a kid we'd go to IHOP for special occasions only. One of those times ended with me sent to the car because I broke out in measles just after we sat down. My sister joined me 10 minutes later! And, I always ordered a strawberry waffle! Mmmm, you just brought up MY memories!

  9. You are excused at that hour of the morning! ... I do like the shadow handle.

  10. Have you ever tried to paint with the coffee? It is very light but when you are desperate for paint....


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