Checking In!!

1:27 PM

One of the watercolor sketches from 
An Imaginary Visit to the Beach Class 
currently going on now!

No, I have not retired from blogging nor the blogosphere! I just have too much going on and too many projects to mind at the moment! However, all is well in my world. I appreciate all the emails I've received lately to make sure that I'm still alive and that no woe has befallen me!

I want to take a moment to introduce a new bloggin' buddy to y'all! I hope you'll stop by and say hello to Martha of Marthann's Musings! Martha has recently retired from teaching elementary school and is quite the accomplished quilter and artist! She live in Liberty, Missouri and is in the process of creating her new life, exploring new avenues and different art forms, and having quite the adventure! I do hope you'll stop by and say hello!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. oh wow Laurie!!! I love this...wonderful work!!!

  2. This is the play of light throughout...that waters simply sparkles!

  3. Kinda makes you want to run down the dock & dive right in :) Come on spring, hurry up!
    Nice Painting!


  4. Glad to hear you're ok, and just busy! I love your beach scene here--take me away, Calgon. I'll have to head over to your friend's blog--thanks for the heads up. How nice of you to help point us in that direction! Have a good weekend, Laure.

  5. This is luscious, Laure. A perfect feeling of 'beach day!'

  6. Thought I left a note about this watercolor already. Loved it then love it still.

  7. That's where I wanna be - RIGHT NOW!!!!


  8. i like your version of the path to the beach. Good to see you around.

  9. So happy to see you appear with this wonderful painting in hand!!! It looks so inviting.

  10. Just lovely ... and, I can feel the warming rays of the sun! : )

  11. Laure, thank you so very very much for mentioning me on your blog. You are so wonderful. I can't wait until I have time to take one of your classes. I love the beach pic.

  12. I guess the busy life bug has gotten to us all. I wonder how I did all this and more and now it seems I can't complete anything. I guess it will smooth out at some point for both of us. BTW I love your new pic.

  13. I'd love to be walking up that boardwalk right now! Beautiful... simple, clean, fresh!


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