Turtles, Time and Oops!

4:39 PM

Sitting at dinner last night, my husband casually asked me if I had stopped posting to the blog as he had noticed no new posts lately. Oops! Ummmm, no not really, I mumbled. I decided to check in (thinking it really had not been that long ago that I had posted) only to learn it had been over a week since my last post. I hate it when that happens!!

Oh, dear! I don't think it's ever been that long since I started blogging at this location. I could give you a whole host of reasons and excuses, but let's not go there. It could get messy. Instead, let me begin to post again! (And with more regularity!! Sound like a "drug" ad, but we're not going there, either!)

I have been painting......

.....this is the 3rd version of this one as I was must unhappy with the way it turned out the first time. And the second. This was one of the assignments for the "Imaginary Visit to The Beach" class. Not thrilled, I just tucked it away with the thought, next time. Then one of the other "travelers" in the class posted a beautiful piece of work that inspired me to try again. (Thank you!!)

I'm happier with this one now, though I can't help but wonder if the time may have been better spent on a brand new attempt!

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17 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I really like this Laure! I love the depth to the composition. The colors are so wonderful on the turtles and water. Glad you stuck to finishing your third attempt!!

  2. yes the time does seem to slip by with out blogging something sometimes for me too. John Lennon once said "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans"... so true. I really like your turtles. I especially like the small one. It looks like a photo its so real looking.

  3. How beautiful, Laure!!! I love the loggerheads...Do you go for turtle walks???

  4. Oh, I like this one! I love the second turtle in the background. I know how time can slip away and days pass between blog posts.

  5. Good to see you come around. I thought maybe you were lost on the beach.

  6. I just love the way the turtle looks under water except for his head.
    Thank your husband for us all. We have missed you and your wonderful art.

  7. I like that one is peaking out of the water :)

  8. Wow, your husband reads your blog?!! :-)

  9. this is so beautiful. i can almost feel the texture.

  10. Wonderful turtle, Laure! Don't worry--any time you want to post, I'll watch for you!

  11. Ah.... as you tell us.... don't be so hard on yourself. I think these guys look pretty cool and I think combining them was a great idea. Now... if only I could catch up with the assignments....

    P.S. Having loads of fun on these trips... Looking forward to London!!

  12. Oh Laure, I love the turtles. Yes, I have missed you, although I have not been very good myself. I have been spending 8 hour days training to be a Dog Obediance Trainer for my part time job at PetsMart. This is my fun retirement job to supplement the income.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Y'all are the best! Thanks for the warm welcome back!

    Julie, we only live about 15 miles from the beach, but it might as well be 115! So, no, no turtle walks.

    Lisa, I've felt a little lost, just not at the beach! LOL!

    Yes, Teresa, he actually reads it!

    Claire, you're doing phenomenally well!

    What fun, Martha! You'll have to share about your exploits!

  14. Darn it, life always gets in the way, doesn't it? :(

  15. Hmmm, a wise woman told me that these are on-location sketches and we should not expect nor demand perfection! Three tries is enough! Tell the critic to go do it's own and see how well it can do without you!

  16. ...you made me laugh! Rick said the same thing to me....then he started telling people at work I had closed down the blog... Time waits for no one. I have so much catching up to do.

    You know I love this fellow. The addition of the second turtle is fab, and your fin really looks like a fin (unlike mine which you know Rick said looked like the turtle had yakked up a spot of coffee!).

  17. "I'm happier with this one now, though I can't help but wonder if the time may have been better spent on a brand new attempt!" ........

    you're kidding, right? I think it's beautiful!


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