Simon's Cat

7:01 PM

I tried to post a new short "film" of Simon's cat but it's way too big for the blog and it would not let me resize it. So do yourself a favor, especially if you have cats or are in need of a laugh, and visit this site and watch all the little shorts - they are hysterical!!

This individual has obviously been around a very neurotic cat for quite some time! "Snow Business" is the latest in a string of truly funny escapades! Enjoy!!

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. My husband and I recently watched this Simon's Cat video--so funny and cute! I'd love to see our Florida pets' reactions to the white stuff...

  2. Cute videos! Cats are such fascinating animals, aren't they!

  3. Very funny. Know you have been busy with all your classes, but good to see you here again. I wanted to make sure you were alright. I am way behind in posting myself.

  4. This is hysterical! Loved it. If you want to put it on your blog, you need to copy the embed code, and enter it into your post by clicking the html view tab at the top of the posting pane. When you go back to normal view, you'll see it:

    Hugs, etc - everything is looking GREAT - but sorry you didn't win an award at the show yourself. Still, there's next time...

  5. That was a cute film. Thanks for sharing.

  6. ...this is so cute. I'm going to get the little phone app for Matty.


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