You Make It Look So Easy!

11:10 AM

To those of you who paint with such freedom and abandon, with paint drips, splatters, mingling and backruns, you are my heroes!

This watercolor postcard was painted from life. I decided I wanted to just paint - no lead, no drawing, just me and my brush and the paint. I let the colors run. I let the water fall. I let it run and mingle.

Not sure this is a successful sketch, but it is a success in that I managed to stay out of the way and let the paint be the boss.

Maybe after a few 100 tries, I'll have a more successful end product. Until then, I think I'll just enjoy the process.

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1.'s beautiful, Laure. I love the free flowing feel. You've inspired me to paint the flowers Rick and Matty gave me yesterday.

  2. Laure, that was my now deceased Dad's favorite saying. What a sweet tulip. I am still in acorn mode.

  3. Beautiful tulip no matter how you came by it.

  4. So, does that mean you are going to join us in 100 (for you-loose) painting challenge? lol

    I think this is wonderfully loose and gosh, without any lines!

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Teri, I'm more on the 10,000 hours plan, having already completed the first 100 paintings. That painting took about 20 minutes and most of it was drying time. Not sure that's gonna count!

  6. Speaking of making it look easy...your free-flowing sketch is so much better than most people's carefully thought and planned out paintings! Hope it was as fun as it looks.

  7. Oh, this is beautiful, Laure! I love it! I totally hear you--how the heck do people do it?? I've come to the conclusion I'm looseness-deprived. Haaaa! Gorgeous tulip!

  8. Thanks, KJ!

    Oh, Sue, you're one of the ones that I SOOOOOO admire for their looseness!!!

  9. Very beautiful, Laure! I like the process and the end result!!!

  10. I agree with Kathy, this is better than most people's thought-out paintings!

    P.S.: have your comment settings changed? I don't find the Name/URL option anymore.

    -Krista Meister

  11. Laure it is freeing!! Once in a while I like to just draw with the paint brush.
    Love how your reds turned out.

  12. I agree with everyone else - I'm quite fond of the relaxed way abouot this painting. It looks 'comfy' and inviting.

  13. I like it! Looks fresh, unfettered and Springy!

    Nice to just let go and "do" isn't it? Good for you!

  14. I like this a lot. I identify with it!


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