Sometimes, You Just Gotta Move!

5:26 AM

2 minute sketches from Davis Park
Watercolor and Ink
Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
I've been itching to get outside. Between the inclement weather and inside obligations, I've been having a tough time getting there. Yesterday, I had a small window of time and went to Davis Park. It's not the most scenic of places, but it was outside and that was the main requirement. The other reason I wanted to get outside was so I could move. As in walk!

I admire the artists that I see posting sketches from their daily walkabouts. They call it "sketchercise" or something like that. I find myself in a state of struggle whenever I try to sketch when I'm out walking (for the purposes of exercise) and I think it shows in the sketches above. What I want to sketch doesn't generally show up an area or at a time when I'd be willing to stop. Going back to those areas would mean another loop and I didn't have the time.

My "solution" was to impose a 2-minute time limit on myself—IF I was going to try and accomplish both tasks. Sigh. Although I can't say that the sketching was all that successful, I do feel better having been out in the gale force winds, letting it blow some of the cobwebs in my brain around.

The frost-burnt oak leaves truly glowed in the intermittent sun. I heard the call of the redwing black bird as well as saw and heard a pair of Sandhill Cranes. I may have seen a vireo but am not sure if that's what it was.

Sketching aside, it was pure bliss for the few minutes I was out there!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Good for you! Weren't the storms yesterday exciting? We were fortunate here that they weren't damaging--not sure how the rest of the state fared. I sat outside on the lanai for a while and watched the trees blow around. Unfortunately, the noise of the construction of our next-door neighbor's addition was a bit distracting...oh, well. At least I got outside.

  2. I'm not particularly well coordinated when it comes to doing more than one activity at once... I consider myself lucky to be able to walk and talk at the same time.... much less walk and sketch ;-)

  3. Hmmm are you saying you walk while you sketch at the same time? Is that possible? I always have the dilemma of finding time to exercise when I would rather be painting.

  4. I think you captured the essence of your walk. Trying to get the exercise with 2 minute stops would be hard on both the exercising and the art making. I bet when you look back at this page you'll remember the feel of that particular
    walk with the weather and the trying to sketch so it will feel like a successful page in the end. You sure can't expect super artwork in 2 minute intervals - that perfectionism is trying to sneak in there. Don't let him ruin your walk!

  5. Bravo for doing something at all out there. I am not sure I would be out there in the gale of wind in the first place and drawing is a no for sure. So that was good.It is a good visual of part of your walk. Very inspiring to me.

  6. At least you got outside, KJ! The storms were quite fierce over here. Some downed power lines and such. Luckily, it didn't bother us.

    Ah, Teresa, I don't believe you're telling me the whole tale.....

    Hey, Jacqueline, no, I'm not trying to do both at the same time....I'm trying to stop to sketch while I'm out walking and I find it difficult to do so....which starts the battle am I here to walk or am I here to sketch? Entirely different activities in my book! And yes, I'd rather paint than exercise!

    Thank you, Timaree, for the reminder to be watchful for perfection. I don't know if it's so much perfection as it is a dissatisfaction with feeling as though I didn't do either justice—the exercise or the sketching. I'm going to have to try again! And again! And again...

    Thank you, Cris! Glad to know this inspires you. I'm going to keep trying to find a balance that will work for me to accomplish both goals.

  7. Glad to hear that you got outside a bit even if it was a little stormy. I am interested in the idea of walking and sketching (not quite at the same time) -- and very interested in more motivation to walk. Like you said... I'd rather be painting than exercising. It was fun to see what you could do in such a short window of time.

  8. Wow--good for you, Laure! I really have to try this too--I have been pushing myself to start walking every day now, and during the day at Duke. I'd been complaining that by the time I get home it's dark this time of year, (and I'm already up at 6am so I don't want to lose another hour of am sleep...) But I really should bring a sketchbook with me on my jaunts--it's pretty and it'd be good sketching exercise, too. I think this is charming!

  9. At least you can get outside to walk some. That in itself would be wonderful. I have such a bad case of cabin fever that I think I may go crazy.
    I think your two minute sketch is great.

  10. Hi Laure,
    I love your stamps. The nice thing about carving your own stamps is that they are uniquely yours. Rita

  11. I like these two-minute sketches!! I would find it hard to sketch and walk at the same time also. I'm always looking for birds when I'm walking, but when the snow melts, I'm going to give it a try. During spring migrations, I could get a lot of quick captures of the migrating birds (although I should probably try a few subjects that stand still trees and flowers...bushes...). :-)

  12. Thanks, Claire, how about you walk in CA and I'll walk in FL and we'll "walk together?!"

    And you too, Sue, we can start our own walking to sketch club!

    Katie, I don't know how you do it with all the snow piled up! I'd have to find me some snow shoes!

    Thank you, Rita!

    Thanks, Kelly, you would be soooo good at 2 minute sketches as fast as you are! Yours would look great!

  13. Love the sketches and the words both - what a great picture they paint! Bravo for getting out there, and double bravo for taking your sketch pad!


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