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8:51 AM

Chili's Ballerina
Watercolor and Copic® Ink Multiliner
in Scrap/Scratch Paper Sketchbook
I happen to have my scrap/scratch sketchbook out and open the other day when this young lady came in for lunch at Chili's. She was a live wire.....at first. When they all sat down, she was up on her knees, bouncing around like she was on a trampoline, chattering a mile a minute. By the time I finished capturing the few details I could, she had sunk! All I could see of her was the very tip top of her head over the back of bench! 

I would have loved to have captured some of her tutu as it was pink and frothy and full of sequins, but it wasn't to be. The sketch above was done over about 10 minutes and is really a conglomeration of poses as she wasn't still more than 10 seconds at the time. I don't think her age comes across in this as she was maybe 4 years old. How I aged the back of her head I don't know, but the sketch makes her look older—to me.  

Two things that dawned on that day were a) if I hadn't had my sketchbook out and open this sketch probably wouldn't have happened and b) I need to make a more focused effort to be prepared for "moments" like this! They're too much fun to miss!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love her hair! And I can just picture her from your word description, too. A joyful sketch and experience. (My word verification for this comment is "joyingso"--the first time I've had one that was somewhat related to my comment.)

  2. How fun! I can totally imagine her bouncing all over the place!! So cute too...love those tied-up little pony tails! I've sketched birds out in public, but I've never tried a person. I'm getting closer to that now that I carry my sketchbook with me a lot. (Thanks to you!)

  3. OMGoodness.. It's one thing to do a quick sketch of an adult but a bouncing child??? I am amazed how well you captured the movement. I feel like she is going toss her head again any second.I love the hair. I should really start trying to capture real life things. It looks like such fun.

  4. I love this sketch and can just see her bouncing around. People are just so fun to sketch.

    So...why did you have the sketchbook out? Are we going to see another one?

  5. You certainly captured those pig tails. Cute.

  6. Thank you for sharing - you're always an inspiration!

    Great sketch!

  7. I love this sketch!!! Along with you story, I definitely agree...it appears we're waiting for to turn around and stick her tongue out at us!!! Great job Laure!

  8. I was thinking this today...but I have kind of focused in on using chalk pastels...hard to travel with! Any suggestions?

  9. Priceless and it reminds me of the little Ballerinas that we painted on our imaginary trips to Paris. Your narrative makes it easy for me to imagine the lively little girl having trouble being confined to a table/booth in a restaurant.

  10. Was her name Tigger do you think? What a charming sketch and well done you for grabbing the opportunity. I wish I felt comfortable about public sketching - especially people studies. x

  11. Just popped in to say hello and I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have been looking for inspiration
    and have recently picked up my paintbrush again after a (too) long break.

  12. Very cute sketch. I just can't imagine catching so much from a bouncy child!

  13. Thanks for all the comments! My apologies for not responding sooner!

    KJ, I think her hair was really the main attraction (since I couldn't see the tutu!).

    Kelly, she was definitely a live wire! Carry that sketchbook, girl, it comes in handy!

    Thank you, Cris, do give sketching real things. It's so satisfying!

    Teri, I've got a dozen irons in the fire! Toooo many!

    Thanks, Lisa!

    Thank you, Grace, inspiring others is my job!

    Thank you, Myra!

    Julie, pastels are tough....maybe a charcoal holder if you can find one that is the right size? Or maybe do the pencil work on location and add color from memory. It's been a long time since I've tried pastels and I've NEVER tried it on location. The only other suggestion I can come up with is to try sketching with just one color, maybe a warm grey, and then adding other colors at home? Let me know what you come up with!

    Yes, she definitely reminded me of those little girls, Claire!

    YES! Tigger most surely was her name—that's exactly who she acted like! Thanks, Gillian! The only way to best that fear is to do it!

    Karen, thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear you're picking up your brush! Art is much like a bicycle—you never forget, you just get rusty!

    Thank you, Timaree! It was fun to try!


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