Time For A Fire!!

5:32 AM

in Handbook Watercolor Journal
8.5" x 3.5"
And cool enough to enjoy it as well! This is our copper fire bowl that we use when the weather cooperates with cool temps and there's not a lot of wind. I sketched and painted this with the help of my 3 canine friends, one of which managed to get a good amount of pigment on her tongue. She decided the mixing area of the palette needed cleaning. Yuck!

It was dark by the time I finally got around to adding paint and I had no idea what it was going to look like when I finally brought into the light to see. I was quite surprised with the colors on the bowl itself. One dark pigment looks like another in low light! The night sky could be a little darker as could the ground, but it works. Instead, I think I'll just call it "dusk." It's was such a fun evening spent with my honey and this is the [im]perfect memory!

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...what a wonderful capture of a memory! I love the happy feel, and you know I love anything to do with dusk or night. The sparks flying in the air are a special touch...

  2. It's lovely, Laure...we used to have that exact firebowl,and I wish we still did! I could use it at the shed. Your memory brought it back to me...

  3. What a great memory--you, Chris and the canine art assistants (I laughed at the pigment on the tongue). We had a fire in the fireplace this weekend and it was wonderful!

  4. It is so neat Laure and the best part is spending the time with your sweetie. Love that pot and all it's beautiful colors.

  5. Wonderful!! It certainly does work! Isn't it amazing when you paint in the dark and all works out! I feel that way when painting full moons. Fun, hugh?

  6. It looks great. The bowl looks like copper that hasn't just been shined and I love the stars. Was that made with salt and then a bit of yellow added?

    That is so funny about the dog.

  7. Thanks, Kelly!

    They're still available, Kate. I've seen them at Target and a few other stores as well.

    It was a fabulous weather weekend, wasni't it?! Glad you were able to have a fire too, KJ!

    Yes, Teri, that was the best part!

    Thanks, Vicky! I got lucky!

    Pam, I'm thinking maybe I should paint in the dark more often!

    Timaree, I painted the yellow spots, then used the wax resist crayon to cover them. As using was is NOT an exact science, I had some white spots, some yellow spots, some spots with both yellow and white and some spots that didn't have any wax!

  8. Love this..I can see its copper. Painting in the dark with pesty pets and it comes out so well. A true Artist! :)

  9. What a great idea that copper bowl is - it makes for a stunning journal entry too - that hint of purple in the sky is such a perfect compliment to the fire glow. x

  10. Thanks, Cris! Until I can "test" this theory again, I'm going to put it down to luck!

    Thanks, Gillian, my hubby thought I was nuts when I bought that bowl, but it has been some of the best and most entertaining money I've ever spent!

  11. With kids in the house, we never seem to just sit outside and enjoy our fire pit. We use it to make smores! Yours is so pretty! I especially love how you painted the copper bowl. It's gorgeous!


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