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5:57 AM

Watercolor on Tissue paper with Ink
Handbook Watercolor Journal
3.5" x 8.5"
I recently saw an article on using spray adhesive to attach a piece of tissue paper to the page, over a sketched subject, where you then watercolored on top of the tissue paper. In the example I saw, the color diffused and the wrinkles in the paper added texture to the page.....

I didn't get that! If you enlarge the image above you can see there's not much in the way of wrinkles and the texture is mostly from the blotchy application of the watercolor on the tissue. The wall beside these two windows was heavily textured and it seemed this would be a great way to introduce some of that texture. Not.

If I try this again, I would definitely crumple up my paper for more texture, I would probably try it on a larger area as well as heavier paper so the water and color could disperse a bit more and I'd probably swap the pen for graphite. If I were to try this again......

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